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    Kane Guest

    In Support of Martz

    Judging by the tone of recent posts, this is going to make me as popular as bubonic plague!

    Martz has taken a bit of a pasting on this forum - and it has to be said that our recent road game performances have redefined the term "dreadful". However, let's not forget that only last season were were 12-4, which is only one win worse than when Coach Vermeil won the Superbowl. I DO blame Mike Martz for kicking a field goal (to tie) the play-off game with the Panthers rather than go for a touchdown in a move which basically said "I don't trust my quarterback, so I'll play it safe". However, playing it safe might have worked, it just didn't on the day.

    This season we have lost Lovie Smith, who was bound to move on sooner or later. To me, the wrong choice of both Defensive and Special Teams Co-Ordinators have been made this season.

    Sure, Mike Martz has made mistakes, but he's achieved results before and I think he should be given next season to sort things out. I do believe that he needs to change some of his coaching staff and we do need to strengthen both the offensive line and the much of the defence to make progress.

    Next season I think Martz should be told that a minimum of 10 wins in the regular season is required, plus the divisional title.

    That's my rant done. Can I wish all Rams fans all over the world a very happy Christmas, and a win against the Eagles on Monday!

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    Re: In Support of Martz

    Ah Kane you are on a mission and not afraid to open that mouth yet again. That's good stuff. I like it.

    This season has been difficult with the change in DC. That is for sure.

    I am not sure I can support another season with Martz as HC since he is not responding to current issues that need a response. The manner in which he handled our replacement QB is inexcusable. He should of known who he had available and their abilities and game planned accordingly. He has fallen on his face these last two games, and a few other games as well, when Bulger has been in.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kane
    Can I wish all Rams fans all over the world a very happy Christmas, and a win against the Eagles on Monday!
    Yes you can... Merry Christmas to all and a win on Monday would be an excellant thing.

    Go Rams!!!!! :ramlogo:

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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    Re: In Support of Martz

    UB - You hit the nail on the head.

    Martzie has had enough time. Enough with the excuses already....

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Re: In Support of Martz

    I got your back Kane. Martz is surely on my hot seat, but I'm not ready to give up on him yet. He's the antithesis of what people want their head coaches to be and I like that, but there have been many questionable calls over the years.

    The defense is an issue that needs to be resolved quickly and I think Martz, Marmie, Zygmunt and Armey will address that in the offseason.

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    lakerams Guest

    Re: In Support of Martz


    here's the thing. the man is incapable of change, period. he's had 3 seasons to change his game management, to call a balanced game, to formulate a game plan the tailors to the other teams weaknesses, etc, and he has changed a grand total of 0, zip, nada!

    that is the problem. if the man had shown some signs of change in his weaknesses, then I would say give him a chance to turn this thing around. but, he has not shown an inkling of change.

    that's why it's time for a change.

    if it's not going to come from the man himself, then it needs to come from the FO.

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    Re: In Support of Martz

    I got your back Kane. --DJRF
    Same here.

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