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    T. Faulk

    Anyone else thnk he did a pretty good job at middle yesterday??

    I least I saw and heard his name a hell of a lot more than I do Thomas. The kid actually has some size as well.

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    Re: T. Faulk

    He did play well. Looking forward to him, Chillar, & Pisa roaming the defense.

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    Re: T. Faulk

    He found gaps and filled them like I would expect a MLB to. He got to the point of attack often. I just don't understand what has happened to the support from A2 (Arch and Aeneas) lately. Arch isn't shedding blockers and Aeneas is just out of sync - as if things are passing him by all of a sudden.

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    Re: A2 well really Archuleta

    Not sure if A. Williams is slowing or not. I know the Rams are asking him to a ton. Archuleta on the other hand I've always felt has been overrated. He's a good player but not a star. He is not the hitter or run stopper of R. Williams of Dallas, nor is he a good cover safety - an actually I think he is barely adequate. People always trumpet his ability to play some linebacker in passing situations. I think he is moved there not because of his run stopping ability but an attempt to prevent him from having to cover WR's downfield.

    Don't get me wrong, you can win with Archuleta, but I think any defense that relies on him to star is mediocre. He should be a supporting cast member of a good defense.

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    Re: T. Faulk

    How come Archuleta looks small now? He looks like he doesn't belong out there amongst grown men. Did he stop doing his cryogenics or whatever. (I know that is freezing, just can't remember what his exercise routine is called.)

    Aneas is slow, Arch is small, MLB's are terrible, Corners play too far off and still get burned.

    This D is bad right now, and ST are worse. Miami and Tampa are 2 of the worst offenses in the NFL right now, putting up about 30 points each on the Rams.

    At least they're not practicing right now. Martz gave them the week off. Maybe they'll learn how to play D against a team that hasn't lost in 20 straight games by watching Desparate House wifes....

    4-3 fits like a glove with this team. That's exactly how good they are...better than 4 out of 7 teams in the NFL. They need to get better.

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