By Bernie Miklasz 12/18/2007 7:09 pm

Congrats to Torry Holt on being voted into the Pro Bowl for the seventh time.

Holt has earned another award in what has been a special career, and heís on a firm path to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Even in this day and age of inflated receiving stats by NFL wideouts, Holt stands out.

Hereís an appreciation of T. Holt, by the numbers:

Holt reached 10,000 and 11,000 yards receiving faster than any player in NFL history.

Holt is the only player in NFL history to record six consecutive years of at least 1,300 yards receiving. (That ended in 2006).

Holt has eight consecutive seasons of at least 1,000 yards receiving; in NFL history only Jerry Rice (11) and Tim Brown (9) have turned in a longer stretch of 1,000-yard seasons.

Holt is averaging 83.8 yards receiving per game, and that ranks No. 1 in NFL history. To put that into perspective, Jerry Rice averaged 75.6 yards per game.

Holt ranks 19th in NFL history for most catches (795). But it took all members of that Top 20 list at least 10 seasons to break the Top 20; Holt did it in nine seasons. And among the receivers on that Top 20 list for most catches, Holt has played the fewest amount of games (140). Next season, Holt should crack the Top 10. If so, Holt will have gotten there in his 10th season; the other Top 10 guys needed at least 12 seasons to climb that chart.

Holt ranks 18th in NFL history in receiving yards (11,730). Again, he made the Top 20 in fewer seasons and games than all the other names on the list. He has an outside chance to bust into the Top 10 next season, and is headed to the Top 5. But as he makes his way up the yardage list, Holt is racing against two contemporaries, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. But Holt has been more consistent than Moss and Owens and heís never disrupted his teams with poor behavior or a lax attitude.

Holt is tied for 27th in NFL history for most touchdown receptions (71), but needs only 17 more to push into the Top 10.

Holt is consistent and durable; heís missed only two regular-season games since entering the NFL in 1999.

Holt is the most prolific receiver of Decade 2000. Since the turn of the century, he has the most receptions (743) for the most yards (10,942). He has the most first downs by a receiver (515). Heís fourth in touchdown catches (65) and big-play receptions of 25 yards or more (86).

Since the coaching change from Mike Martz to Scott Linehan, Holtís rate of production has slowed some. He averaged around 86 yards receiving per game under Martz; since Linehan became head coach in 2006, Holt has averaged about 75 yards per game.

And a sore knee has cooled his jets a bit. Holtís average YAC (yards after catch) has dropped to 2.4 yards this season. That equals his career low (2.4 in in 2005). But the statistic is overblown in that, since Holt has been in the league, only 15 players have averaged as much as 5 yards after the catch.

Among his contemporaries, Holtís average YAC (3.5) is superior to that of Marvin Harrison, Chad Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. Holtís strength is running intermediate routes; for his career heís averaging 11.2 yards at the point of the catch; only 12 wideouts have done better during that time, and only 29 have a higher average in NFL history.

Holt is 31, takes excellent care of himself. He is devoted to training and improving. If he can get the right knee healed up, heíll continue to consistently roll up numbers, all the to Canton and the Hall of Fame.