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    Well with all of the improvements made to the defense James Hall, Adam Carriker, Chris Draft, Todd Johnson and on and on. The same problem seemed to plague the Rams defense; and that was piss poor tackling. Both ths starting Lbs and backups appeared to either take poor angles or miss tackles. The only player that impressed me with the their hit and stick ability was Jon Alston and we already mentioned that he took some seriously bad angles.

    If this does not improve the Rams cannot hope to have a plahyoff shot especially with the running backs in our division, Gore, James and Alexander.

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    Re: Tackling

    Hopefully it's just because it's preseason, I've seen several teams teams with some horrible tackling as well, not just us.

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    Re: Tackling

    If the tackling is bad come week #1, Then worry!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Tackling

    yea, i watched the whole game and it seems that our defensive line did its job most of the time but the linebackers couldn't tackle, I cant remember how many times the play should have been stopped for little or no gain and instead the chargers running back (turner,sproles,gross etc,) turn it into a 10-15 yard play.

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    Re: Tackling

    We've had tackling problems for years. Face it, we need to do one of two things. One, somehow get Mike Singletary out of SF, or two, break Ray Lewis' leg so that he has to retire and can come be our LB coach.

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    Re: Tackling

    At least it looks like the D-Line is better.

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    sprtsmac Guest

    Re: Tackling

    Tackling is a lost art form in today's NFL. Let's just hope we can get this worked out in the preseason and become decent tacklers by game 1.

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    Re: Tackling

    Quote Originally Posted by sprtsmac View Post
    Tackling is a lost art form in today's NFL. Let's just hope we can get this worked out in the preseason and become decent tacklers by game 1.
    So true, sptsmac. I was very disappointed that guys could not wrap up the ball carrier; although Draft did have a very nice hit. I must have replayed that one several times. I was some what pleased with the front four's penetration on passing downs.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Tackling

    If you haven't noticed most of the tackling problems on the starting defense are from players that are still here from the Martz era (Tinoisamoa/Chillar/Atogwe), am I saying that players brought in by Haslett aren't missing any tackles? No, because they've missed there fair share but I've noticed that the players he brings in tackle considerably better than those of the Martz era.

    Yea its a problem, but they work on tacklin alot from what I've heard and it comes downt he players, not the coaches.

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    Re: Tackling

    I don't get it. This is a game called tackle football, right? So for crying outloud tackle!

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    Re: Tackling

    preseason should have nothing to do with it, what happens in the off season you forget how to do something you have been doing since your Pop Warner days,it's one of the very first things you learn to do and you must have done it well to get where you are today,so what happened ? forget trying to put the big ESPN HIGHLIGHT hit on some body and just wrap the guy up and bring him down or hold him up until your friends arrive to assist on the tackle,I agree with other posts it's a lost art and if we don't get better at it the playoffs could be a longshot.

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