It seems like a lot of the big plays given up in today's game and the weeks prior to on defense have not been because we're not clogging holes. It seems this problem is rearing its ugly head due to tackling, or, specifically, a lack thereof.

Is there any way to correct this? Have we simply acquired a team of poor tacklers? Specifically, I think the problem originates in the secondary. Hill can't tackle. Chavous has lost it. Who in the world is our second corner? Bartell? Where's he been? Why is Hill a starting corner if he can't tackle? Tinoisamoa? Draft? Glover?

I don't think this is at all like the starting offense, where there's a plethora of talent that isn't being utilised to maximum capacity. It's not like three years ago when we knew that our problems stopping the rush came from no bulk upfront. Is this simply poor personnel?

Can it be corrected?