Hard to believe folks are complaining about,iirc, the 4th ranked pass offense by yds per game, a QB rating of 93.1, no sacks, 5 TD passes and two picks that were, as Sam put it, unfortunate, rather than poor decisions. Tipped passes are the latest thing across the league as a way to neutralize the quick passing game that, in turn, is used to slow a pass rush; The Rams got a few key ones, too. Two very good defenses as well.

Worry about the D, the sloppy STs, the even-weaker-than-expected run game but the passing game is already more effective & diverse than it's been in years,imo, and has a high ceiling if the OL can stay together.
I agree that the slow starts are frustrating but I'm going with lack of execution elsewhere and youth over playcalling and poor QBing as the culprits and just two strong opponents.