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    Taking the Joy Out

    I was wondering if anyone has felt like I've felt this week. This is the hardest week for me to be a Rams fan, even when they were losing. At least then it was a bunch of people trying to get better, but then not doing such a good job of it. I get the sense now that with all this turmoil, that all who represent the Rams are not concerned with winning as much as the fans are, and don' t care much about what's on the field as long as the stands are packed.

    About this time every week, I start to get antsy about Sunday, urging it to hurry and get here, but this week I haven't been that way. I've barely thought about the Jax game, which is a huge game in the scheme of things for the Rams. Now I just think the outcome becomes part of another litany of conspiracies - they win, and it shows that Martz isn't needed, maybe Vitt is the man, maybe not, who was right who wasn't; if they lose then does it mean Martz is needed, or do you blame him even if not here, that the Rams need to clean house...yadda yadda... are the players playing for Martz, Vitt, for themselves, who gets credit...

    Yuck. I like thinking about football, thinking about the draft, playing GM (and only the GM part about how to win football games). Suddenly this reminds me of work.


    I love football, and the Rams are my team. I just hope all involved can say the same thing.

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    Re: Taking the Joy Out

    dont feel too bad.. every team in the league has the same problems in sort or another... a lot of this stuff is let out by people who have little to nothing productive tosay... its easier to tell your editor that theres problems at rams park then giving some boring retread of the "were haveing problems winning games" for this being a important game.... i really dont think so.... lets face it.. if we win thats great and many of us will be happy... but honestly.. the easiest part of oour season is in front of us.. barring seattle who is there that can beat us at full strength?i see this as a great break for our guys... this game and the bye week will help heal a lot of injuries... come seatles game we should be close to full strength....i now see us as no worse then 10-6....good enough to win the division...

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    Re: Taking the Joy Out

    I really agree with how things will turn out for us. If we had the charma of Seattle we would be 4-2. We are 2-4 because of bad luck, but soon the football gods will be smiling on us and what we will see is this dark cloud through.

    Chins up it's game time!

    It's Jim not Chris


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