Just a little fun for a Friday.

Since the inception of the Super Bowl there have been
six occasions when during a MLB and NFL season
the same city was represented in their respective
championship that same season.

1970 World Series 1971 Super Bowl
Baltimore Orioles-W Baltimore Colts-W

1979 World Series 1980 Super Bowl
Pittsburgh Pirates-W Pittsburgh Steelers-W against our RAMS!!!

1980 World Series 1981 Super Bowl
Philadelphia Phillies-W Philadelphia Eagles-L

1986 World Series 1987 Super Bowl
New York Mets-W New York Giants-W

1989 World Series 1990 Super Bowl
San Francisco Giants-L San Francisco *****-W

2003 World Series 2004 Super Bowl
Boston Red Sox-W New England Patriots-W

You see were I'm going here...If the Cardinals can make it to the World Series, we (being the RAMS) can add to the list.

I know every city in contention for the World Series
can have their NFL representative in the mix this year,
but it would be ironic if that were to happen, for one it would be in consecutive years and if you look closely that was accomplished in 1979 through 1981 and that was done by the same state which is even more astonishing.