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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    A Tale of Two Ends.....

    I gotta Q.

    Who wins the individual battles Pace and Barron v Fisher (sp?) and Wistrom?

    Do the bookends allow any sacks? Do we run at Grant or Bryce?

    I think Wistrom is outmatched and I hope the Baby Alex plays road-grader!!


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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: A Tale of Two Ends.....

    i think pace and barron win both of there matchups and we run at wistrom,i believe pace will dominate and barron will hold his own.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: A Tale of Two Ends.....

    I agree to that reply jkramsfan

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: A Tale of Two Ends.....

    Both fisher and winstrom will be outclassed.The big question;How good will, and how often, will they run at hargrove.
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    maineram Guest

    Re: A Tale of Two Ends.....

    I think both Pace & Barron will outplay their two DE. I would add though that we should give the rookie some help and run at Fisher. Pace can handle Wistrom one on one, Barron could use some help firing off the ball for run blocking more and less pass sets.
    Now if the three in the middle handle the DT's like they did against Jacksonville, well then we got ourselves a solid running game with another near 200 yard rusher this week.

    Maineram -


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