By Bill Coats
08/01/2007 7:20 pm

It’s not one individual or a certain aspect of the game. No, when asked what had jumped out at him most during the first week of training camp, Scott Linehan said “team character.”

And how does he define “team character” on the practice field?

“It’s what you do when the coach isn’t watching you or pushing you, if you’re working hard and doing things that aren’t necessarily required,” he explained. “I think your character is tested when you’re tired, I think it’s tested when you’re competing and you get knocked down, seeing if you’ll dust yourself off, get up and give your best the next play.

“I’ve seen more of those types of scenarios at this point than at any time all last year.”

Then Linehan added the kicker: “This particular football team, from last year to this year, is extremely strong, one of the best character teams I’ve ever been around at any level.”


Defensive backs Corey Chavous and Tye Hill live in the same neighborhood, and they like to take turns cooking for each other. Hill says Chavous is an All-Pro chef.

“Corey, man, he puts down a spread,” Hill said. Hill’s favorite? “Lasagna. He’s almost up there with my mom.”

When Hill is dishing up the chow, it’s usually “good ol’ country food, oxtail, ham, stuff like that. A little taste of home,” he said. Hill and Chavous both hail from South Carolina.


Notes from Day 6 of training camp:

>>Six of the nine practices have been in full pads. Only the night workouts have been conducted in “shells” – light shoulder pads and shorts.

>>No scuffles to report so far. The wags on the sideline predict that Richie Incognito will be involved in the first one, against a so-far-undetermined opponent.

>>Linehan surprised the troops by giving them Wednesday night off. Usually after an afternoon practice, meetings last deep into the night.

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