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    Team of the Decade Rankings

    I'm sure most of you have seen the article on by now. Don Banks has ranked the 32 teams of the NFL based on the success/miseries they have had sinc 2000. The article may be premature considering there is one year left in the decade (he's going from 2000 to 2009). The predictable are atop the list (NE, Pitt, Indy), while the usual suspects of suckiness (Cle, Hou, & Det) round out the bottom of the list.

    Interestingly enough, The Rams are smack dab in the middle of the pack. Right at #16. here's Don Banks' assessment:

    16. St. Louis

    Regular season: 70-74, .486
    Playoff wins/record: 3-4
    Super Bowls won/appeared: 0 of 1
    Playoff seasons: 4
    Winning seasons: 3
    Losing seasons: 4
    Our collective memory is very short in the NFL these days, but it's not right to penalize a team like the Rams just because their success took place in the first half of the decade rather than more recently. I couldn't quite bump St. Louis, with its meager three winning seasons, ahead of the Jets. But the Rams did go to a Super Bowl and make four playoff trips in the first five years of the decade.

    Is that too low a ranking? too high? Personally I think 16 might be a shade too high, figure around 20 would be more or less correct. The Rams did have success at the beginning of the decade, but they have fall hard and fast over the past few years. A drop like that really wipes out any progress a team makes. Too many mistakes by the front office, they took too long to rectify those bad decisions, and for too long have the Rams just waffled around going no where. I like the direction the Rams are headed in now, so who knows, if they have a suprising 2009 season, maybe 16 is right where they should be.

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    Re: Team of the Decade Rankings

    well..he could have slipped our SB win in there and boosted it up a having been won on 30th January 2000.

    16 is about right i guess ....theres a few teams in the NFL that get a lot of hype but when you look at their actual stats dont hold up any better than our decade...Dallas for one, no play-off wins in the entire decade! (last play-off win in `96)

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    Re: Team of the Decade Rankings

    Ramblin` Ram is correct, they should have counted our SB win, it was in this decade.

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