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    Re: Terry Bradshaw high on Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by robot View Post
    Sanchez was placed in a better team overall, not just WRs. That's why he has a higher winning record which leads you to think he's as good as his winning record.

    If Sanchez was drafted by the Rams this year, the Rams would be in a disastrous state(0-16). Sanchez is way overhyped and the only reason why he is not a bust is because he is in a better team.

    Bradford is equal to Peyton Manning since his superior accuracy is characteristic of Petyon. Also, his witty decisions and leadership quality and calm, collected behavior in a no huddle offense is comparable to Peyton.

    Bradford's poise reminds me of Brady since Brady also stands tall in the pocket.

    I believe Bradford is going to be the number 1 qb of all time when he reaches his prime.
    I feel Sanchez is overrated as well, obviously what do I know and I could be dead wrong in a couple years but his upside looks to be a "good" or "very good" QB at best imo.

    His decision making is suspect at times, accuracy has been an issue as well. I'll be interested to see how he does in the NY weather once it worsens later in the season.

    Brady's mechanics in the pocket are flaw less, he really has it all. His manipulation of the pocket was something I always liked watching in his younger days.

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw high on Bradford

    As much as I like praise for Bradford, Bradshaw is an idiot. He may have been a great QB, but I always feel stupid after listening to him speak about football. I would indeed swear that armchair GMs give better analysis than him. Too many shots to the head perhaps.

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    Re: Terry Bradshaw high on Bradford

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    What I find scary is that Bradford is already making his receivers look much better than they are. Seriously, none of our current receivers could start anywhere(unless you count Amendola starting in the slot). Alexander is very talented, but he's still an undrafted rookie. Even if our injured receivers are healthy next year, watch out, because Bradford will be lighting up secondaries.

    Shoring up our defense is priority one(so we can keep a darn lead!), but priority two is to get Sam a weapon. A Johnson, Wayne, Jennings, Megatron kind of weapon. Imagine what we could do with Clayton and Megatron outside and Amendola in the slot.

    Bradford is actually better than advertised and that's accounting for his top overall pick. If we give him a Patriots line and a Colts/Texans/Packers/Chargers kind of corps, we'll be lording over the West for years to come.
    I've said this before. You can check my posts. The fact is that Bradford makes his receivers better than they are.

    Look at all of the OU's receivers who were drafted in the 1st, 2nd rounds. They are all busts. Malcolm Kelly, drafted by the Redskins, is gone. Igelsia, Bradford's #1 receiver after Malcolm Kelly left OU, is on some team's practice squad.

    If you get this kid a Julio Jones/AJ Green receiver, watch out.

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