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    Texans talk about how they feel

    Texans post-game quotes

    Texans Head Coach Dom Capers

    (Opening statement) “Obviously we are very disappointed today in the way that the game turned out. I’ve been in the league for twenty years. I don’t know if I’ve had a game like this. We started out playing well in the first half. When you are playing a team like the Rams there are certain things that you must do. They are one of the highest scoring teams in the league. It really came down to we kept giving them opportunities in the second half and we had a hard time executing. They made the plays at critical times. We had them in situations, we had them in a fourth and six and they scored a touchdown. They get the onside kick which put us in overtime. I’m very disappointed and our guys fought hard. We just did not execute during crunch time with the kind of efficiency you have to in order to beat a team like the Rams. We cannot continue to give them the opportunities that we gave them today.”

    (On type of defense played at the end) “We were playing a four deep defense in the fourth and six situation. They got a receiver up the middle on a one-on-one and hit him, which gave them the opportunity to kick the onside kick.”

    (On feeling like everything was going wrong) “That’s kind of the way it happened in the second half. We come up with an interception, they knock the ball out and get the ball back and get the field position. You can’t keep putting the Rams offense back on the field because they have too many weapons in terms of scoring points.”

    (On the key to proper game execution) “I think we did some things as well as we have done. Our offense moved the ball the best they have moved it this year. Our defense sacked the quarterback more than they have sacked him this year. There were some areas where we did better. When we got down the stretch during crunch time to make the play, they made the plays. You’ve got to give them credit. It’s extremely disappointing. I know they are disappointed down there in the locker room. We’ve gone out and put ourselves in a position to win the game and we didn’t finish it off.”

    (On Texans pressuring QB at end) “We ran a combination of things and we came after him a number of times and got some plays out of it. When you are in that situation (4 th and six) what you don’t what to happen is exactly what did happen on the play.”

    (On staying focused for remainder of season) “Well it’s a challenge. This season has been a good test for all of us. I think our team has responded the right way up to this point and time. I think they have competed extremely hard, they care. Anytime you care and fight hard and you lose a game like today, it hurts. The challenge will be how we come off of this, because they left it all on the field today. We did a number of things much better than we have done. It’s just too bad that we didn’t make the plays at the end to finish the game.”

    Texans QB David Carr

    (On the offensive state) “I felt comfortable back there. It starts with the offensive line. It gave me plenty of time to throw the ball. Enough time for those guys to wait outside against man coverage is what they were playing a little bit in the first half. It takes a little while longer for the route to develop especially when you are trying to make big plays and get some plays down the field. The hat was on our offensive line to do just that, have extra time to get plays off. I think they did a great job."

    (On frustration of loss) “It’s a mixed bag right now. We all play to win. It hurts when you have the feeling of going out and getting some things done. Offensively we felt better than we probably felt in a long time on offense. To come short and now make enough plays to score one more point than they did. That’s what it came down to today. We needed one more point than they did and we didn’t. We were tied and had to go into overtime. It’s tough but we made some improvements.”

    (On feeling a sinking feeling toward end of game) “The last minute of the game, we felt good. A lot of the guys had their tape off, we had to re-tape. It’s interesting, it’s frustrating, it’s cruel, it’s rough you know to be in that situation. When it gets like that I don’t have the words for it.”

    (On questioning what’s needed to win) “All of our guys are saying it. That’s the thing you have to fight. What else do we have to do to go out there and win a football game? But, we are making improvements on both sides of the ball. There are some positive things out there. Then a team comes in and tries to steal something from you. We are getting better we just can’t let this situation, as dramatic as it is affect what happens the rest of the time we are out there.”

    (On scoring big plays on long passes) “Well it was a little bit of both. I thought Joe (Pendry) had a great plan. We talked during the week and I thought he had a good scheme. We have to have big plays to be able to score points. We have been pretty consistent and pretty efficient underneath the ten-yard routes. To win in the NFL, obviously we haven’t had a lot of experience in doing that, but we know what it takes to win. You’ve got to have big plays, we were able to do that in the first half and it worked out for us.”

    (On Kris Brown making last field goal) “That’s when the tape started coming off. Not shutting down, you are never out of the game. I learned that plenty of times watching NFL games and playing in NFL games. It only takes one play. I think everybody in the stands thought we pretty much had it wrapped up but, that’s why you keep playing.”

    Texans LB DaShon Polk

    (On defense’s second half performance) “The words just won’t come out right now. I’m hurt and disgusted. In the second half we gave up too many big plays.”

    (On difference of play in the two halves) “Obviously, the difference was us. We gave up too many big plays. We had them third and long a couple of times, and couldn’t get them off the field. In the second half, they executed and we didn’t.”

    (On letting St. Louis back in the game) “The game shouldn’t have gone to overtime. We had the game won, and we just gave it up.”

    (On emotions after leaving the field) “I couldn’t leave the field for awhile. I had to stand there for a second to calm down. We needed this win to get the momentum going in our direction, and we let it slip through our fingers.”

    (On shock of losing) “The points they put up in the second half were unreal. It hurts. We played our butt off, but nobody let down. We just didn’t make the plays that we needed to make to win the game.”

    Texans LB Antwan Peek

    (On today’s performance) “I wish I knew. It was an obvious breakdown on all cylinders, and in the end we all fell down. We are going to come in and watch film tomorrow, and find out a way to come out with a win next week.”

    (On seeing Kevin Curtis in the game) “I was running behind him, but was thinking you’ve got to be kidding me. It’s frustrating. I’m as frustrated as it gets right now.”

    (On feelings after the game) “It’s frustrating to me because I want to help the team win, but we are not getting it done. I’m not a finger pointer. I don’t blame anybody but myself.”

    (On difficulty accepting this loss) “I don’t want the thought of this game to sink any further, and then it becomes immune. I’m trying to get a win.”

    (On winning last five games) “This is really as rough as it gets. There is nothing more for us to go through because we have been through so much. We had a good first half, but we can’t do nothing but get better. We can’t finish a game, and that’s the bottom line.”

    (On Rams' second half adjustments) “There weren’t too many changes, but if any they gave the ball to Steven Jackson a little more, but to me he wasn’t as big of a factor. If anything, it was the receivers and the new quarterback they brought in. I don’t know where they got him from, but he came in and did a good job and that’s even more frustrating. Ryan Fitzpatrick deserves to play next week.”

    (On knowledge of Fitzpatrick’s ability) “I didn’t expect him to complete any of his passes, and he came in and was on target. He did a good job as a rookie.”

    (On being more aggressive in first half than the second half) “We were very aggressive and stayed with same intensity, but they made some adjustments on their blocking. That might have been their adjustment on defense, and just found a way to find hats on hats.”

    Texans Offensive Coordinator Joe Pendry

    (On the Texans’ play in the second half) “We moved the ball the same. The stats don’t bother me very much. We moved the ball, but we just didn’t finish in the end zone. That was the entire difference in the game. We had chances to put it down there, but for whatever reason, we didn’t. We had a turnover down in there, which was huge. But our guys fought back and made some plays to take it down and kick a field goal when we had to. And then we failed to convert a third down in overtime. That’s the bottom line. We played hard.”

    (On if this kind of loss is hard to swallow as a coach) “Yes. There’s no doubt about that. This business hurts when those things happen. It burns your guts up.”

    (On the difference between the first half and second half) “They didn’t change much. They played a little blitz-zone, but they didn’t stop us. We failed to execute some of the plays as well as we did in the first half. It always comes down to a player making a play for a touchdown. David scrambled and Corey made a play. Those are the things we didn’t quite get done in the second half when we were driving the ball.”

    Texans Cornerback Dunta Robinson

    (On what he was thinking at the end of the game) “You don’t think; you’re just numb. I’m thinking ‘Ok, I’m going to wake up any minute. I can’t believe this just happened. I can’t believe we played this hard and beat this team the whole game, and we end up losing.’ You don’t even know what to feel. It’s not like the normal feeling when you come into the locker room after a loss.”

    (On playing against the Rams’ third-string quarterback) “He’s in the National Football League, so he must be doing something right. It’s not like high school where guys just come and try out. Obviously, he’s on the team for a reason. They believe in this guy the same way we believe in David Carr, Tony Banks, and Dave Ragone. We don’t take any quarterback for granted, and he made the big plays when they needed a big play.”

    (On what he was thinking as the Rams’ Kevin Curtis ran towards the end zone) “Somebody please catch him, fumble the ball, do anything. I’m rooting for a miracle to happen, even though it doesn’t. It was a great play call for what we were in. They executed and we didn’t, and at the end the score was 33-27 and we lose the game."

    (On if this is the worst he’s felt as a professional player) “Definitely. With 23 seconds left on the game clock, we’re up by 10 and thinking that we’ve won the game. 2-9 is much better than 1-10, but when things are going bad, things are really going bad. But I’m not going to quit, the guys in this locker room aren’t going to quit, and the coaching staff isn’t going to quit. We’re going to come to practice on Wednesday, and we’re going to prepare for Baltimore .”

    Texans FS Marcus Coleman

    (On the Rams scoring 10 points in the final thirty seconds) “I’ve actually been through things like that a couple of times. But it always hurts, no matter how many times it happens.”

    (On if it’s possible to rebound from this loss) “It’s always possible. It doesn’t matter how bad things get. This is only a game. I hope everybody can rebound from this. We’ll go home and think about it, enjoy our families, and come back and go to work on Wednesday.”

    (On what he was thinking after the first half) “We’re feeling good. We did a good job executing the calls. We had some similar calls in the second half, but they did a good job of adjusting to it, which is what this game is all about.”

    (On the play in which the Texans intercepted the ball, fumbled it, and the Rams recovered) “What you have to understand is that they get paid, too. They’re going to make the plays. I made a play, and when I was trying to make even more of a play, they came back and made a good play. That’s just how the game goes.”

    Texans C Steve McKinney

    (On feelings about today’s game) “All the positive things we did today are wiped away when you lose a game like the one we played today. It leaves such a bad taste in our mouth, when you are sitting on the sideline feeling good about yourself, there’s no way we can lose this game because we are up by ten points so late in the game, and the next thing you know, you lose the game in overtime. Words can’t describe how I feel right now, I’m just disgusted."

    (On shock of the games outcome) “It’s almost surreal. Your sitting there and then you have to get your mind right because you have to go into overtime. We should have beaten this team by three touchdowns easily. They shouldn’t have even been in the game. This game left a sick feeling in my stomach. I can’t remember feeling this sick after a game, especially when you’ve experienced all the emotions of winning. It was a tough situation and wasn’t fun to go through.”

    (On emotions of the team after this kind of loss) “I think we all feel bad for ourselves. We’ll mope around for a little while, and we’ll come back Wednesday to work on getting over it. It definitely hurts right now, and looks bad on all of us. Now I know how Tampa Bay felt last year when Indianapolis came back and beat them.”

    Texans DT Seth Payne

    (On today’s performance) “We are all disappointed. Every loss we’ve had this season has been disappointing. The game was in our hands and we let it slip away.”

    (On placing the negatives with the positives) “Obviously we didn’t play the way we should have played. We made critical mistakes, and everything that happened today was a result of our own doing. We did this to ourselves.”

    (On difficulty accepting this loss) “We were letting the game slip away the entire half. I had a feeling like; “I can’t believe this just happened.”

    Texans DT Travis Johnson

    (On the team’s performance today) “It’s a loss. It’s something you can’t swallow lightly because it’s a game that you fought so hard for and the end result didn’t come out in your favor."

    (On personal feelings about the outcome of the game) “I can’t really define how I feel. I almost get a feeling like I want to throw up."

    (On the execution level of their performance) “The Rams executed today and we didn’t. They took the win from us today. We have to back to the drawing board and learn from our mistakes, and execute better next time.”

    (On having a great first half and letting it slip away in the second half) “We wanted this game so bad, and unfortunately we fell a little short.”

    Texans WR Andre Johnson

    (On the Texans’ play in the second half) “We’re not supposed to lose a game like this, but it turned out that way. Nobody really got anything going in the second half. They went out and made plays, and we didn’t.”

    (On his health) “I feel pretty good, but I still don’t feel 100 percent. I’m just doing what I have to do during the week to be able to play on Sunday.”

    (On his approach and involvement in the game) “Coming into the game, when the coaches told us the game plan, pretty much every play they had drawn up was drawn my way. I was really excited about it and they went out and gave me the ball today, so I was able to make some plays.”

    (On the Texans’ improvement) “I think our offense came out with a different attitude today. We went up and moved the ball pretty well. But it doesn’t matter when you don’t win.”

    (On losing the momentum at the end of the game) “I’m speechless right now. I don’t know what to say. All I know is we lost.”

    (On the second half) “I think we could have put up more points in the second half. We should have put up more points.”

    (On the Texans’ missed opportunities) “You have a missed field goal, you have a challenged play. You have some opportunities, and you make some mistakes. It’s just one of those things.”

    (On his look of disbelief after the game) “I know what happened, but I just can’t believe that we went out and lost the game. We went out and played pretty well, but when you lose like this, it’s tough. I guess today we just didn’t do enough to win it.”

    (On the change in play in the second half) “I think we moved the ball pretty well in the second half, we just couldn’t put the points up. When you play a team like that, with the offense that they have, you have to score some points. If you don’t score points, you’re not going to win the game.”

    (On his longest reception of the year thus far) “It felt good. It’s my first long ball this year. I’m getting a little healthier and I’m just trying to do what I can do to make sure I’m able to play on Sunday.”

    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: Texans talk about how they feel

    The good news Dom, is that none of this will be your problem next year.

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    Re: Texans talk about how they feel

    On Rams' second half adjustments) ďThere werenít too many changes, but if any they gave the ball to Steven Jackson a little more, but to me he wasnít as big of a factor. If anything, it was the receivers and the new quarterback they brought in. I donít know where they got him from, but he came in and did a good job and thatís even more frustrating. Ryan Fitzpatrick deserves to play next week

    Even the Texans know that Fitzy's got the job.

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    Re: Texans talk about how they feel

    another martz quarterback success story
    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: Texans talk about how they feel

    Quote Originally Posted by Large_Ant
    The good news Dom, is that none of this will be your problem next year.
    Wow! To think holmgren had instant success with the hawks.


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