Naturally at the forefront of this phenomenon is Bernie
Naturally he is helping to create another problem.

Look out because it has finally arrived and many Rams Fans and sports writers have been slapped up side the head with the inevitable reality that us “separatists” have been warning them about for the better part of half a decade.

The leader of the Martz apologists is now squawking about wasted draft choices, lack of motivation, hiring of coaches, A decline in talent and has them jumping off the Martz bandwagon right and left.

Indeed. At a time he should be behind Coach Martz for finally getting it and at least trying to head in the right direction he's got fans jumping overboard throwing the baby out with the bath water and looking at only half the picture again. Forget the fact that the Rams are 5 - 5 and only one game out of the division lead and a great shot at a wild card spot. No lets now start drumming up the past. Even though it is 3-4-5 years to late because duh! Some of us are just now getting it.

Its amazing how a win loss record can fool the minds of so many fans. Dedicated and loyal fans that spend oodles of time reading everything about the team they can get their hands on only to go back to the win loss record for their final thoughts and opinions regarding the state of the team.

Hey McFly er Bernie what’s the plan now? Running Martz out of town to Coordinate another offense with the possibility of coaching another NFL team this time with the correct vision on how to do things? Wonderful idea and perfectly in step with the nauseating way you hold the Win Loss record as the end all be all in a coaches achievement.

Realizing that the granite skulled bernie will never read this and even some of us here may still not get what us separatists have been warning about, I will continue trying to get through because it is important now that you support Martz and not jump ship when he is finally starting to see how to steer the ship on the correct course and though the ship is leaking it has not yet sunk.

For Christ sakes what will it hurt to support him throughout the remainder of the year. Its not as if were going to waste a team stocked with talent to which the NFL has never seen!

There were probably several coaches that could have come in and saved this team from underachieving once upon a time however there isn’t anybody that can do any better with this team three quarters of the way through the season so let’s see what transpires between now and week 17. And once again keep your eyes on something other then the W/L record.

Take a look at our favorite fat faced columnist that has been misleading the bandwagon about Martz while he heads for the life raft.. You may not recall what he looks like because he has had his lips planted squarely on Martz's ass for several years now.

Hey Stein! ya you Bernie! The decline in talent was inevitable. Even if we had not been so inept in the draft the talent level was going to come down from what it was in 1999 - 2000. The Rams were stocked with talent some of it came by good drafting some by good signings however quite frankly the reason the Rams suddenly had an onslaught of talent was because of Tony banks. Yes you can credit Tony banks for the Rams talent pool because for years he did a great job at disguising it. Phony Clanks assured that even the greatest of talent would go undetected so no teams looked towards the Rams free agents during the off season's further adding to the talent pool.

The feel good story people cling to believe that the Rams and Dick Vermeil pulled off an unprecedented trade in acquiring Marshall Faulk out foxing the Colts and the Saints however a closer look while applying common sense shows a more believable story. Faulk was traded by the Colts for salary cap reasons not to mention they had Edgrin James to take over Faulk’s roster spot. The reason he was traded to the Rams is simple. The Rams were the losingest team of the 1990’s, they were not in the Colts division and furthermore they were not in the same conference. Make sense? Now lets look and see what talent the Rams already had under contract in 1998 when the Rams went 4 - 12.
Orlando Pace
Ricky Proehl
Kurt Warner
Isaac Bruce
Az-Zahir Hakim
Tony Horne
Ernie Conwell
Roland Williams
Jeff Wilkins
Kevin Carter
Mike Jones
Jeff Robinson
London Fletcher
Leonard Little
Fred Miller
Tom Nutten
Mike Gruttadauria
Robert Holcombe
Rick Tuten
Grant Wistrom
Ryan Tucker
Wayne Gandy
Mitch Jacoby
John Flannery
Zach Wiegert
Ray Agnew
Todd Lyght
Charlie Clemons
Dexter Mccleon
Mike Scurlock
Ryan Mcneil
Gerald Mcburrows

Now you understand just how Bad Phony Blanks was. There is a lot of talent on that list and only a player of Clanks's calibre could possibly hide it all.

Many of these players went in free agency because they were good and they all came out of hiding at once. If not for Tony Banks disguising these players with his atrocious play we would not have been able to hide them. So you see it took a bizarre set of circumstances to accumulate this talent nonetheless the Rams were stacked with talent beyond belief then the additions of Faulk, Holt, Bly, Hodgins and a few other less notables gave the Rams perhaps the best collection of talent the NFL has ever seen. So it was inevitable that teams were going to start picking apart the Rams in free agency. I don’t care how well the Rams would have drafted the decline was inevitable. Perhaps now were seeing the light on why some of us were so pissed off at Martz for wasting this talent?
To be continued…Maybe