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    Is there a Rams podcast?

    So, everyone here (for the most part) is a pretty diehard Rams fan.. we can all name the roster inside and out, etc etc.

    For a while Turfshow Times did a podcast but they haven't done one since December, and I'm looking for more in depth analysis and talk than "Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson".

    Does anyone know a podcast? I know a lot of the folks on this board are qualified to talk Rams, I just hope someone is talking into a mike. :-)
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    Re: Is there a Rams podcast?

    closest thing i have found it to go over to the 101espn website and you can download show segments, i just get the rams bits, chuck em on the ipod and listen at work.

    i would love an actual dedicated rams podcast feed.

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    Re: Is there a Rams podcast?

    Honestly, that podcast seemed hypocritical. He says Bradford wasn't the right pick because we went 1-15 yet he says we were "in" games (which is true) and if we had just one or two breaks, "could've had 6 or 7 wins."

    Regardless of how I took it, perhaps as a biased Rams fan, I think there's some merit in that although we went 1-15, there were several games that we could've won and I think with the addition of Bradford, Saffold, Gilyard, et al, we'll be a much better team not only in the long term but I think this season as well.

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Is there a Rams podcast? - It's not a Rams podcast, but the dude is a die hard Ram fan and brings them up from time to time, so if you want to hear more of him talking about the Rams, I would suggest you e-mail him (, I do.

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