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    There's no doubt now that Jackson is the headliner

    By Bryan Burwell
    Sunday, Oct. 30 2005

    He is the hippest of hipsters with his finely tailored suits, custom-made dress
    shirts, perfectly knotted silk ties, flowing dreadlocks and ultra-hip
    wrap-around sunglasses. A lot of folks know how to make an entrance, but Steven
    Jackson does them one better.

    The Rams' bruising running back is that rare cool cat who also knows how to
    make an exit.

    He strutted out of the locker room Sunday afternoon like some very cool rock
    star, with a delicious smile on his face, a Louis Vuitton duffle bag slung over
    his broad shoulders, nodding to the music pumping out of his Ipod headphones
    and marching to his own stylish beat. There is a lot of showman in this big ol'
    body, which is to be expected of a kid who grew up in the shadows of the gaudy
    Las Vegas strip.

    Maybe all that long-term exposure to the Vegas glitz has that effect on you.
    You spend all your life watching headliners, and you figure out exactly how to
    behave once the spotlight finds you. Maybe you also notice how every once in a
    while an underappreciated stand-in can turn into a certifiable star, ditching
    that second billing tag forever.

    As he left the Edward Jones Dome late Sunday afternoon after the Rams' 24-21
    upset of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jackson swaggered out of there as the new
    certified headliner of this team's offense. He was only supposed to be a
    short-term disaster relief plan for the Rams' offense as Marc Bulger, Isaac
    Bruce and Torry Holt nursed their injuries and the high-powered Rams passing
    attack sat idly in sick bay.

    Out of necessity, the Rams were forced to rely on Jackson's powerful running.
    Yet after all the evidence he's compiled over the past two weeks - particularly
    this show-stealing, 179-yard rushing performance against the stout Jaguars
    defense - Jackson has made it impossible for interim head coach Joe Vitt and
    offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild to go back to business as usual.

    The Rams' coaching brain trust has two whole weeks to consider what they need
    to do when this team returns to the field fully loaded offensively. The
    temptation might be to revert to their old pass-first approach, but they should
    ignore all those instincts.

    The shift has already occurred, and let's hope what we've seen lately was no
    passing fancy (no pun intended). With all the subtlety of a sledgehammer,
    Jackson has proved that this deserves to be his offense now, and that
    everything needs to flow around him.

    "I must admit that I hadn't looked that far ahead to ponder that question,"
    Jackson said. He smiled when he said that, as if to let you know that of course
    he has pondered that very question maybe 100 times since the day he got here as
    a rookie biding his time two years ago. Of course he's pondered everything
    about becoming the star of this show. He's thought about the day he'd take over
    for Marshall Faulk. He's pondered the day he would spit out 1,500-yard seasons
    like they were pumpkin seeds. He's dreamed about the distant future that would
    proclaim him the greatest all-time rusher in Rams history, too, as he patiently
    bided his time as a rookie.

    But he's not a rookie anymore, and he clearly isn't interested in biding his
    time anymore, as evidenced by the next thing that came out of his mouth, as he
    looked up from his seat in front of his locker stall, flashed a sly smile and
    said, "But I think we've made a statement in these past few weeks that we
    deserve all the attention we've been getting offensively."

    In other words, Jackson knows at the very least if this offense isn't his, it
    sure as heck ought to be.

    Over the past two weeks, the man they call "Train" has chugged along for 276
    yards rushing, 316 yards of total offense and three touchdowns, and the Rams
    have won both games.

    In the second half Sunday, when the Rams needed him the most, Jackson was at
    his very best, grinding out yards and killing the clock. In the third quarter,
    he carried it seven times for 64 yards and a 9.1-yard average. In the fourth
    quarter, he got eight carries for 74 yards and a 9.3-yard average. And remember
    that thing we were talking about before, you know, about a guy who knows how to
    make an exit?

    Well how about this for a grand exit? With 1 minute 51 seconds remaining and
    the Rams protecting a rather nervous three-point lead, Jackson ended any
    question about a Jaguars comeback when he burst through the line of scrimmage
    for a dramatic 51-yard run.

    As he humbly tried shifting the credit from himself to all his teammates,
    particularly his offensive line, Jackson finally admitted one rather obvious
    fact: "I knew my time would come," he said. His time is here, and here's hoping
    there's no turning back.

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    Re: There's no doubt now that Jackson is the headliner

    I'm excited about the prosect of the offense going through this guy for the next 10 years.

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    Re: There's no doubt now that Jackson is the headliner

    This is the Rams, FO may trade him if he cost too much!

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    Re: There's no doubt now that Jackson is the headliner

    Keep up the good work, SJ! :angryram:

    Hopefully the team will gain much more strength and success as The Train gains momemtum. We have a tremendous array of weapons.

    Ram on! :1:


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