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    MsWistRAM Guest

    They even made a circus reference to this...

    My absolute favorite part of the game against the Colts was that 2 pass drive (both to Holt) for a TouchDown in the 2nd quarter. It took only a minute for them to do it. A thing of absolute beauty! Gotta love it! :evilram:

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    sprtsmac Guest


    I can't wait to get home from work and see the highlights from ESPN. I bet they are all amazing.

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    valerius Guest
    That 40+ yard TD pass to Holt in the 2nd quarter was almost a work of art, i was so beautiful (sniff sniff)

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    sprtsmac Guest
    Even Tom Jackson and Chris Berman commented on that play. They are saying that how amazing it is that Warner has gotten more accurate as the season has progressed. Hey when your good, your good:king: .

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    ramcrazy Guest
    I just wonder if this is Mike Martz way of letting everyone know, that:

    if we want to score fast...WE CAN.

    If we want to run 10 plays to score...WE CAN


    Soak it in...This is the most amazing Offense in Football.

    Who were those masked men?....:mask:

    Go Rams

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