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Thread: They are starting to figure it out ....

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    They are starting to figure it out ....

    Sooner or later you knew they would. I was hoping to get a few victories in before they woke up.

    Seahawks.NET - The Voice of the 12th Man! • View topic - Surprise rival for seahawks...

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    Re: They are starting to figure it out ....

    The Seahawks fans have always been a little bit more grounded in reality than the whiners fans, so I am not surprised that they have figured out the Rams will be giving them trouble.

    Of course, there is still the bandwagon fans who have NO clue what is going on with any team in the NFCW, and still think the Hawks are going 16-0, or the whiners are going's actually kind of funny.

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    Re: They are starting to figure it out ....

    I like the Hawk fans. I think, on the whole, they're reasonable folks. Having said that, I can't pass up this one....
    Quote Originally Posted by some hawk fan
    The Rams DLine was manhandled by our OLine in game one. Manhandled.
    Umm, no. If we're talking running game, you guys moved the ball well: 179 yards on 34 carries. But most of that was Quinn not handling Okung. Their run game amassed 90 yards on 12 carries going through Okung over Quinn. The rest of line allowed 89 yards on 22 carries. And in the passing game, they chased Wilson around for 2 sacks and 3 ints.

    Not exactly "manhandled".
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