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    A thing i noticed today...

    I noticed SJ39 looked very fast on the few occasions that he had a hole to go through (namely that one long run) but he looked like the SJ of old, he really hasnt seemed to lose a step, this guy is just phenomenal... anyone else notice this?
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    Re: A thing i noticed today...

    It's still the middle of the offensive line. Jax never did lose a step, he's had to play some games banged up which will slow anyone down, but he's still in fine condition. But we would have to have Barry Sanders back there to get anything with the way the O-line has been blocking recently.

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    Re: A thing i noticed today...

    Yea that long run i saw the SJ of old who had a nice pep to his step.But like its been stated when your down 20+ points its hard to stay committed to the run not to mention o line cant block any1 consistently.SJ needs carries to wear them down and then he will start breaking off 10 15 20+ runs in a string which is when he is at his best.But since we havent been in any of the games when it matters its rlly hard for him to get anything.Plus having WR's who cant catch doesnt help his case defenses just load the box and they win the #s game every time.

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