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It's a little disappointing in hindsight I agree. It's also one of the primary factors in answering the question "How the hell did it come to this?". Bad drafts kill a franchise quicker than anything else. A look at how the Rams squandered the plethora of picks that came as a result of the Dickerson trade would bear this out if you really needed to prove it. Gaston Green, Bill Hawkins, Cleveland Gary, Bern Brostek,Mike Schad, Donald Evans, Brian Smith, Frank Stams blah, blah,blah................

What happened later as a result was the 90's.

Not entirely the same of course, but there's a chord to be struck I think.

That said, I'm not entirely sure that it isn't also pertinent to mention that what happens to these kids fresh out of college isn't just as important as their draft position. I'm not convinced that Bill Kollar did the best job that he could have done with the raw material that he was given. And lets's face it he was given a lot of material. So it's down to how they are handled a lot of the time as well and I think we can say that the Rams haven't always been as good as they might have been in that respect either.

It's a complicated business, one that we've struggled to figure out the last few years.

For the record, I thought that Polley was okay...................
thats a great point,we forget to mention Kollar when we talk about our horrible line play,maybe theres something to that,3-#1 picks and none of them pan out. he may have had alot to do with that.