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    Thomas Chat 2-17

    dominic: Hey Jim:
    1)What end position best suits Chris Long,left or right end? 2)Why not Jeff Saturday at center instead of Matt Birk for our veteran center unless we can get Jason Brown from Baltimore? 3)Youre going to get sick of me writing this,but cutting Drew Bennett will count only 50,000 against the cap according to Howard Balzer,who by the way thinks the Rams should cut him yesterday.We need to ask he better than Torry Holt?He already cost us Bruuuuce and we know he wasnt better than him.Personally,I dont think Torry wants to be here so if we can get any draft pick for him,I say let him go. 4)We need to keep Orlando Pace so hopefully they can restructure,is that a possibility? Thanks Jim!

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Not sure. But he's got a whole NFL season in at right end now, so why switch?
    2.) I'm sure Saturday is a guy the Rams are considering as well as Birk or Jason Brown.
    3.) Here's how Howard comes up with the $50K. Bennett currently counts $5.05 million against the cap. If he's cut now there's $5 million of dead money that you subtract against the $5.05 million. My point is, is it really worth $5 million of dead money to get read of Drew Bennett? In essence, you would be starting with a cap of $118 million instead of $123 million.
    4.) Restructuring is one of the possibilities with Pace.

    donsods: Jim, I have read a lot of post that urge the Rams to cut/trade Holt & Pace to make room in FA. How about keeping those high character guys and not making a big splash in FA this year? High character guys are hard to find and both are still better than most. Build this team through the draft for long term success, with high character veterens to show the way. I'd even advocate bringing back Chavous for less money a la James Hill. He is not a starter anymore, but he is high character and can provide better depth than some of the other guys on the roster. Your thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: Personally, I'd love to see the Rams restructure both. That would still free up several million bucks to help with free agency, and bring Pace and Holt back. But I don't know if the current coaching staff thinks Holt and Pace have much left to get give at this stage of their careers. And I'm not sure if Pace or Holt really want to come back. One thing I've noticed in covering the league as long as I have. Players near the end of their careers just want to win. And with the Rams clearly in a rebuilding mode, Pace and Holt may not want to endure another season or two here hoping that things get better.
    As for Chavous, I think he'd make a heck of a coach.

    28-Blast: Now that Cory Chavous has been cut, it would seem that the Rams need a new safety. Can it be told if there is a FA currently being considered?

    Is Brett Romberg an adequate center, or is the need there great?

    Jim Thomas: The obvious choice would be Butler of the New York Giants in free agency. After all, he played for Spagnuolo for two years. But if the Rams are going to invest a lot of money in retaining Atogwe, they may not want to spend big bucks in free agency. They may look to the draft instead.
    Romberg has been slowed by injuries throughout his time in St. Louis and is undersized. I'm sure the Rams want to upgrade there and find a starting center either through free agency or the draft.

    San Diego Chris: Hi Jim,

    Fred Taylor has just been released from the Jags. The guy sill seems to have gas in the tank. The Rams could use a proven back since Steven Jackson has a history of injury during the season. Do you think that Taylor would be a good short term fit in the Ram organization?

    Jim Thomas: Taylor is 33, and that practically makes him a dinosaur by running back standards. If the Rams could get him cheaply, he'd be worth a look. Otherwise, I'd think they'd try to get younger there.

    COGzilla: With all of the talk of offensive tackles and crabtree, i think a lot of ram nation may be surprised to see a defensive guy as our pick, but i believe that very well could be the case.
    This is a new staff and regime and they wont be scared to hop on a raji type just because of failures of recent dtackle picks. He is no jimmy kennedy.
    Spags likes his dlinemen and i could picture that 340 pound monster roaming the middle.

    Jim Thomas: I couldn't agree with you more. Raji of Boston College could provide the bulk and the attitude that the Rams need to stop the run. It would be a mistake to overlook him in any discussion of possible Rams picks in the first round.

    Steve B.: Jim:
    Do you have any take on whether Atogwe will be tagged, or, better yet,resigned?

    Jim Thomas: Not yet.

    Steve B.: Jim: Do you know if Schurmer plans to run a variation of the West Coast Offense? Granted, Jackson will need heavy work, but Schumer does come from the Bill Walsh coaching tree via Andy Reed.

    Jim Thomas: It's Shurmur. In an article I did for Sunday's Post-Dispatch, Shurmur indicated he was all for a strong running game. Don't be fooled by the "West Coast" label. It doesn't preclude a team from running the ball.

    sjax39: Jim:
    Do you think it is feasible that we could recieve a late first rounder, say in the 22-30 range for Tory Holt and a third rounder? Too much or too little? What teams would be possible partners?

    Jim Thomas: I'd say that might be possible. Again, you're talking about a team willing to give up their late first for Holt and a Rams third-rounder? Right?
    I have no idea on possible partners.

    Brian: Have the Rams released some free agent names that they are interested in?

    Jim Thomas: They would never release such names. But there's some obvious names at various positions, assuming that is, that those players are still on the market by Feb. 27 and no re-signed or franchised.

    Joey: Thank you for all your insight Mr. T.:

    (A)I noticed that the discussion centering around Demoff is Bartell and Atogwe and how close we are to signing them. Has there been any movement as far as Holt or Pace restructuring? If not anything on the trade front?
    (B)I noticed that Wroten is not on the Rams roster. Was he cut or just not reinstated yet.
    (C)I noticed the PD cut back on sending you all to the Super Bowl. I go to the draft every year, it is two hours away, if you need a live man there let me know.
    Thanks as always. You are the best.

    Jim Thomas: A.) At last check, and as I reported last week, Kennard McGuire, the agent for Pace and Holt, plans to meet with Demoff at the Combine later this week.
    B.) Wroten is on the roster and remains under contract. He's not reinstated until May, I believe.
    C.) Thanks for the offer, but I think we'll be fine.
    jon in kentucky: Hey Jim, excuse me if i ask a question from the previous weeks, I have been without power(internet) for two weeks due to the ice storm.

    So I have a few quick questions.

    1. If we were to go defense in the first round any chance we would reach for Rey Maulugua or Brian Orakpo?

    2. If we were to sign OT Jordon Gross, how much greater are the odds we take Michael Crabtree #2 overall?

    3. I have heard a lot about NYG Safety James Butler following Spags here. Would you take Butler over Louis Delmas, or Patrick Chung? Who would fit best next to Atogwe?

    4. Lastly, has Oakland given Nnamdi Asomughe the Franchise Tag? Could you see him or Leigh Bodden in a Rams uniform next season next to Bartell?

    Thanks Jim, I would greatly appreciate you catching me up on missed time.

    Jim Thomas: 1.) They only scenario I could see the Rams taking Mauluga or Orakpo is via a trade down.
    2.) If the Rams sign any free-agent starting OT, I think that increases the odds. How much, I'm not sure?
    3.) Chung intrigues me, and the Rams apparently showed a lot of interest in him at the Senior Bowl from what I'm told.
    4.) Asommugha has yet to be tagged to my knowledge. Don't know much about Bodden.

    adamkothe: hi Jim,

    it seems to me a OT or crabtree are the realistic choices for the rams. either one or the other, thats my gut on what the team will do. A lot of these guys boggin really seem to be wasting time bloggin about drafting curry the LB. When was the last time a LB was taken 1st 2nd or third? JIm so my ? is does this curry guy even warrant discussion? or should we spend our time argueing between crabtree or a tackle?
    Jim I would hate to see crabtree in seattle, putting it to us twice a year. and we passed on him. I'm sure that has crossed the front office mind also. whats your gut telling you on curry and crabtree? thanks

    Jim Thomas: The only problem with Curry is where does he play? I believe he's a weakside LB. And if that's the case, what do you then do with Witherspoon?

    jayrichards: Hi, Jim:

    Everyone seems to think the Rams' most pressing need is an offensive tackle, but there are at least three different OT's who have been picked in various mock drafts as going to the Rams with the second overall pick. And from what I've read, all of them have at least one major question mark.

    Since there is no consensus choice (no Orlando Pace, D'Brickashaw Ferguson or Jake Long types who were unquestionably THE best OT's in their respective drafts), isn't it risky for the Rams to gamble a first round pick at that position? Alex Barron may not qualify as a first round bust, per se, but he's fallen far short of expectations in what has been an undistinguished -- if not downright mediocre -- career.

    I'd love to see the Rams draft dominating DT B.J. Raji (and move the woefully underachieving Adam Carreker to another position -- or city). If not Raji, then LB Aaron Curry or WR Michael Crabtree would do very nicely.

    Your thoughts?

    Jim Thomas: Just because the various mock drafts don't have a consensus on the best OT, doesn't mean the Rams won't come up with one internally.

    djjr11854: Any talk about changing the team uniforms, now that they've cleaned house and brought in a new regime? Maybe back to the old days of the blue/white.
    Wishful think on the part of a old Ram Fan!!

    Jim Thomas: You will see the throwbacks from the '99 Super Bowl championship team three times next season. But I'm not aware of any discussions about a permanent change.

    Tackleberry: Jim,

    What is your take on the Vick rumors?

    Jim Thomas: Where exactly would Vick fit into those four pillars that Spagnuolo keeps taking about? You know faith, character. . .etc.?

    Alan: If the Rams trade Holt for a 3rd round pick,(or are somehow without Holt beginning camp) do you think the remaining WR core for the Rams would be talented enough to play the West Coast offense as they are rumored to be installing? If not do you see them taking Crabtree or possibily trading down a few spots to take Mizzou's Maclin? How much better is Crabtree than Maclin?

    Jim Thomas: There are some at Rams Park who like Maclin better than Crabtree at this point because of his speed and his return ability.

    Petey123: Jim, do you know if the Rams will have the draft day party at the Dome again this year? Thanks.

    Jim Thomas: Not sure. But I'll try to find out. You know in previous years, they held the draft party at the indoor facility.
    Jason: Would you?Lets say that the Lions call up Today and offer the 20th pick and the 33rd pick for pick #2.I think I would do it and here's why.(#1) you would get 3 of the top 34 picks in the draft,and the Rams need as many good players as they can get.(#2) The Rams wouldn't have to pay the 2nd overall pick all that money that everybody knows is complete B.S.Paying a guy 45 to 55 million for never playing a down in the NFL.Now if your the Lions you would do it also here's why.(#1)You need that "Franchise QB" and that "Franchise LT" to get your fans excited about this season.


    Jim Thomas: A 20 and a 33 for the No. 2 overall pick simply isn't enough.

    david tomlin: Jim, Thanks for taking our questions. Do you having any info on how some of the injured rams are recovering? Also, if heathly, do you think that B. Leonard and D. Bennett could more effective since we will see a change in offensive systems? Lastly, how important do you think it is to the rams to find another backup for S. Jackson? Pittman and Darby have shown some flashes. Thanks alot

    Jim Thomas: Leonard and Bennett just need to stay healthy before any judgments can be passed.
    It's very important to find a strong backup to Jackson. Isn't that obvious by now. Pittman has had trouble staying healthy himself, and isn't the best pass blocker or pass catcher. Darby, I think, has some possibilities as the No. 3 RB, and a third-down specialist.

    JD Clark: Hey Jim,

    Do you think that the Rams will be interested in Jeff Garcia now that he will be available. For the right price, I think he would be a great backup. He's tough, he knows the West Coast offense, and he could help Bulger. Thanks for the great forum.


    Jim Thomas: Garcia's an interesting thought, particularly since he has worked with Shurmur before, and played well for him.

    got2golfjk: Think they'll take a run@ Chris McAllister ?

    Jim Thomas: McAlister has been in the league 10 years, turns 32 before the start of training camp, and played in only six games last year, spending most of the year on IR. So how much does he have left? How much will he want? And he has had some off-field issues. These are all things the Rams must consider before taking a run at him.

    Chocolate Thunder: JIMBO,
    Can't wait to see another poor draft and wasted picks.
    GO RAMS!
    Don't waste our time with new GM, new personnel..blah, blah, blah..
    Sorry you have to cover these guys.
    Have a Great Week!

    Jim Thomas: Boy, are you the bluebird of happiness.

    Petey123: Jim, have you heard any talk about a player caravan before the season, or anything to drum up interest to win the fans back before the season starts?

    Jim Thomas: I think the caravan idea went out the door with Haslett.

    Ed C: Jim,

    To listen to Spagnuolo, the new Rams staff has no idea about the players they inherited and their going to have to depend on Devaney for this. Can it really be true? I mean they coached against them and must have watched a lot of film in game preparation. They must have broken down weaknesses and strengths. In some ways they may have better insight than the previous staff. I believe Spags had a good idea about the Rams players' weaknesses and strengths when he took the job. Don't you think they are really just waiting to see who becomes available in free agency whether they might want to come to St. Louis (and whether they will fit in the salary cap)?

    Jim Thomas: I believe what Spagnuolo meant is he would have to rely on Devaney's opinion more than usual. Of course it's true. Unless teams are in your same division, you don't really get a very good read on players. And the Giants, for example, played the Rams way back in week 2. Philadelphia (Shurmur--offensive coordinator) played the Rams in week 1. Carolina (Flajole--defensive coordinator) didn't play the Rams last year.
    This was part of the argument for retaining Haslett, remember? That he knew the personnel. Spagnuolo will catch up. He'll just rely more on the scouts and front office this year than he normally would.

    Steve: what's the word around the league regarding mike martz? he doesn't seem to hold a job for very long these days, albeit, he has been with some losing teams/fired coaches. is it that he just can't get along with head coaches? or can he not call a balanced game? or, is there some other reason?

    Jim Thomas: As you know, Mike is very opinionated and headstrong. He's also very talented. The Lions got noticeably better offensively when he was there. And got noticeably worse offensively after he left. San Francisco's offense got noticeably better when Mike was there. And he did what he did in Detroit and San Fran with average and below average talent.
    But look around the league these days. Everyone's going with younger, cheaper coaches, who close practices, don't say a lot to the media, and don't seem to have much personality. It's as if the league wants robots as head coaches. Billick can't get a sniff. Haslett can't. It's an interesting trend.

    Lawarence Marmie: Okay, doesn't the fact that Jim Haslett got shown such little interest by other NFL teams even as an defensive coordinator illustrate just what a terrible job he has done in his time with the Rams? All this talk about him being "fiery" must not be enough to overcome his boring, unimaginative game planning. I can't even believe the Rams briefly considered him for their head coaching vacancy. And the fact that he became an automatic finalist was just laughable.

    Jim Thomas: I guess you could say the same, then for Billick, Martz, Gruden, Shanahan, Cowher, Schottenheimer. Bums! All of them!

    Dejan: Hi Jim,
    1.St Louis Rams fan club in Serbia would like to know what are Rams next steps concerning their own FA players same as who thay are most likely to target in Scouting combine and in FA period wich starts less then a 2 weeks?
    2.Is there any chance maybe that Rams are not interested in Bartell or Atogwe so much?
    3.What about Holt's and Pace's situation within a team, any news? (I really do hope they do retain both players same as Little!!!)
    4.How competative Rams can afford to be in race for Gross and Bart Scott?
    5.MAybe it's time to part ways with Pisa? I love that player but if we can bring in Bart Scott type of player than he is not needed any more i'm affraid, don't you think so?

    Thanks for all of Yours answers and greetings from SERBIA!

    Jim Thomas: Things will start developing at the combine this week. The Rams will meet with the agent for Pace and Holt. I'm sure they will get a feel for if there's any trade interest in either.
    All signs indicate that the Rams are indeed interested in Bartell and Atogwe.
    I think Gross will be re-signed by Carolina.
    There will be a lot of teams interested in Scott. So the competition will be fierce for his services, I believe. Don't know what to say about Pisa's future with the team. I guess we'll know pretty soon.

    lynyrd: Jim, As always thanks for the chats, I don't miss one. I tried to post this question last week but I guess you had too many questions ahead of mine.

    I think we should trade Holt for what we can get for him (my guess would be at least a 3rd)freeing up 8 million plus the 1.2 million we already saved by cutting Chavous. Restructure Pace's deal and then go EARLY and HARD after Jason Brown, C, Baltimore Ravens.

    IMO, this is the type of FA we should be going after: An up and coming player (unlike Matt Birk) who's young (Brown will be only 25 in May), and is working on his second contract. According to the Raven's website Brown's 6'3 320 (thirty lbs. HEAVIER then any center on our roster), posseses a great blend of quickness and power off the ball, and has started 45 of the 54 games he's played in including EVERY game the past two seasons.

    This would enable us to either take Crabtree at #2 or trade down and get Maclin. As for LT we'd still have Pace and since this is a deep draft for tackles we could pick one later on.

    What do you think Jim? Is this a reasonable proposition or am I just wishing on a star?

    Jim Thomas: I usually don't get to even one-third of the questions that are posed. And I'm going to be on or off more quickly than usual today.
    To me, there's a lot to like about Brown. For one, he does bring some much needed bulk to the center position. He's not just bigger than Romberg or Leckey, he's about 30 pounds heavier. By all accounts he's an excellent run blocker, he has the versatility to play guard, and he's an ascending player, as you mentioned. I'm all for it.

    Todd from Michigan: Hi JIm and thank you.
    Jim since it looks like Jordan Gross will resign with the Panthers is there any talk about Max Starks or Kahlif Barnes coming in as a 2nd option.

    Jim Thomas: I think there are some at Rams Park who are intrigued by Barnes. Not sure about Starks.

    Todd from Michigan: Hi Jim I was wondering if you were a Nascar fan and who your favorite driver is or was.

    Jim Thomas: Not really a NASCAR fan, although I do take my 12-year-old to the local dirt track once in a while.

    Lawarence Marmie: Do you think Steve Spagnoulo watches tapes of Tye Hill's coverage during games when he needs a good laugh?

    Jim Thomas: I don't know. If he looks at last year's tape, it might make him cry. Hill has to get his confidence back and stay healthy. Plain and simple. But can we sit here right now and say that Spagnuolo can count on him as a starter for '09? That wouldn't seem to be very wise.

    flstl: Will the Rams make a run for either Deuce McAllister or Chris McAlister, now that both have been released?

    Jim Thomas: I answered the Chris part earlier, as for Deuce, I don't know, he looks pretty much out of gas if you ask me. And keep in mind, the Rams are trying to get younger.

    Todd from Michigan: Jim thank you for your time.
    Jim when is it legal to call free agents and ask them for a visit. Can you talk to their agent and set up a visit before Feb 27 or can that be tampering and you have to wait till midnight on the 27.

    Jim Thomas: You cannot talk to a prospective player or his agent until one minute after midnight, eastern time I believe, on the 27th. Otherwise, it's tampering. But obviously, there will be a lot of "tampering" between teams and agents at the combine over the next week.

    Rambunctious: Hi Jim, Have you heard anything regarding:
    1) How Brian Leonard might be used in Shurmur's offense? Can you speculate on that? Would he be a FB or RB or a hybrid (a little of both)?

    2) Any news on Setterstrom's rehabbing? It seemed like he was developing nicely, before the injuries derailed him. I do remember some comments about his latest injury as being career threatening, hopefully that's not the case. Thanks in advance !!

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Don't know how Leonard might fit in. Again, he's going to have to stay healthy just to have a shot, and you have to wonder if his shoulder problems might not be chronic after two years in a row of injuries.
    2.) I don't know anything different on Setterstrom than I talked about last week on this chat. It's looks like he'll be good to go for training camp, and possibly some of the minicamps as well.

    Cards4520: Thanks for taking time.

    1.) What are the chances Rams Depart with either Holt or Pace?
    2.) However unlikely, would the Rams even consider signing Warner?
    3.) Possible for Rams to trade down and pick up Maclin?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) I'd say it's 70-30 that one of the two are gone.
    2.) Won't happen.
    3.) Yes.

    Memphis Ram: 1) Has anyone at the paper talked to Pace or Holt about their current situations yet?
    2) Is Randy McMicheal safe from any possible salary cap cut or is the team looking to redo his deal?
    3) Will you or someone else at the paper be tracking the Missouri Tigers players at the combine?

    Jim Thomas: 1.) Not since the end of the season, although I have talked to their agent.
    2.) I'm not saying he's for sure going to get cut or get asked to restructure, but I do think the topic has come up upstairs at Rams Park.
    3.) Yes, I plan to track some of the Tigers, but with six there, we won't be able to handle all of them. That's why we did a story on William Moore, for example at the Senior Bowl.

    Eugene Monroe: After I'm selected with the #2 pick in the draft will I be playing LT or RT?

    Jim Thomas: Left tackle, Eugene. Many believe you're the safest pick among the tackles in the draft. A guy that will take care of that left side for the next decade. Some wish you finished blocks as well as Andre Smith, but weight or any character concerns won't be an issue with you.

    ruralram: Thanks as always, Jim.
    The latest word is that the new coaches LOVE Bulger. Is this accurate, overstated or simply a cover reply that is meaningless? Specifically, in your opinion, if Stafford drops in their laps at #2, will the Rams be interested?

    Jim Thomas: I believe it is overstated. After Bulger's last two seasons, I'm sure there is some concern or uncertainty as two whether Bulger truly is a "franchise" type QB. As for Stafford, at this point, I don't think the Rams would be interested.

    Steve W: Hi,
    I was just reading that Mike Martz was stating that league personnel are keeping him from working in the NFL, because he has been tagged as hard to deal with, or a little nuts, etc.
    Seems as though a lot of folks like to trash Mike Martz. I for one like the guy and have a lot of respect for his offensive ingenuity. After all, you can largely thank his offensive play calling for the super bowl victory we enjoyed in St. Louis.
    I'm sure he made some mistakes, but who hasn't. I'd like to see him back in St. louis, I think he is one of the more talented coaches around. I know that ain't goin' to happen. To bad.

    Jim Thomas: Steve--I read that article a few days ago myself. I thought it was an excellent read on Martz. It would take a strong personality in a head coach to handle Mike as your offensive play caller, and let's face it, a lot of these younger head coaches just aren't as secure in their personalities.

    COGzilla: A lot of people are down on him and you have said that billyd and others question his fire, but isnt Alex worth giving a shot to start at left tackle? He has as much physical skill as any of the big three or four coming up. I just would like to see what the new staff could do with him. Hate to use the second pick in the entire draft for our future left tackle when he already may be on the roster.
    Also, are they planning on re-signing goldberg?I think he is a solid player and a good one to have on the team. Can play a lot of places.

    Jim Thomas: Again, I think the coaching staff and front office are wondering if Barron could play left tackle, as he did for most of '07 when Pace was hurt. If that's the case, the Rams could maybe spend their money on a right tackle in free agency instead. (There seem to be more viable candidates there at this point than free agent left tackles.)
    The thing that bothers me about Barron is how much does he really care about the game and care about being the best he can be. That missed meeting last season (a late meeting at that, 10:30 a.m.) is very troubling to me for someone who's in his fourth year.
    I do think there's interest in bringing Goldberg back.

    eternalramnation: Jim, Is Chavous the big cut from the roster or will there be more coming over the next week? Also any word on whether the front office is trying to restructure Pace or Holt's contracts?

    Jim Thomas: I'd be very surprised if there weren't more.

    soly: Not too many posts today, huh, Jim? Is there just nothing going on? What about the deals with Bartel and OJ? Any insight into the backup RB?

    Jim Thomas: I don't know Sol, I'm staring at about 30 pages of questions. So there always seems to be interest in the Rams. Nothing new on Bartell and Atogwe that I'm aware of. I don't think any serious Bartell talks will take place until the Combine.
    Don't have any insight on the backup RB. In fact, I need to check and see if this remains as big a priority under the new regime as it seemed to be under Haslett.

    Memphis Ram: NFL.Com's Pat Kirwan considers Michael Crabtree to be a cross betwen Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. Is such a player really worthy of the #2 overall pick in the draft?

    Jim Thomas: I'd say so. Let's just hope he's not a cross between Charles Rodgers and Mike Williams.

    Joe Stafford: Hello Jim,
    I understand your reasons for not having 5 million dead cap because of Bennett, But ask yourself these questions, What has he done for this team as far as being a top flight reciever the last two years? What makes you think he will do anything this year? Besides that he did cost this team Isaac Bruce, and he is also Linehans boy, sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and get them the heck out of there!

    Jim Thomas: I agree. But if that were the case, you might see 2/3rds of this team cut. That's a lot of bullets to bite.

    Jumbo J: Any chance we could trade Holt to NYG or NE? Both teams have two 2nds. Would that be too much to ask for Holt?

    Jim Thomas: It sure looks like the Giants need help at wide receiver. And they're the type of team that is close enough to a title that they wouldn't mind adding a veteran like Holt who has maybe only a couple, three good years left in him.

    Joe Stafford: Hello Jim, so what type of defense can we expect from Spags? a 4-3, a 3-4, or something in between?

    Jim Thomas: I think his background is pretty much 4-3.

    elikim353: Hey Jim,
    You said that Curry is a WLB, he actually is a SLB, I'm a student at Wake Forest and he always shed blocks with the tight end.

    Any ways, is Spoon really going to play on the outside or is he staying in the middle?

    Jim Thomas: He may be a strongside in college, but you don't draft a guy No. 2 overall to be a strongside in the NFL. As far as we know the plan still is to play Spoon at weakside.

    Lawarence Marmie: How come Ron Rivera hasn't gotten more attention as a head coaching canidate with all the vacancies open this year? The guy is with the Bears and they're Top 5 defense every year. lovie smith decides he doesn't run the Cover 2 enough, fires him, and the Bears defense becomes very pedestrian. He goes to San Diego, replaces the DC there because the defense can't stop anyone, and he almost immediately makes them a defensive powerhouse. I was really hoping the Rams would give him a look this year, but to my knowledge, he didn't even get an interview. Wouldn't the Haslett interview would have been a better use of time had they interviewed Rivera?

    Jim Thomas: Rivera issued a statement at the start of the offseason that he didn't want to do any interviews until after the Chargers had been eliminated. I think that limited some of the interest with him. I too think Rivera has head-coach potential.
    Hey, that's all for this week, talk to you all next Tuesday after I get back from the Combine.
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    Re: Thomas Chat 2-17

    Lawarence Marmie: Okay, doesn't the fact that Jim Haslett got shown such little interest by other NFL teams even as an defensive coordinator illustrate just what a terrible job he has done in his time with the Rams? All this talk about him being "fiery" must not be enough to overcome his boring, unimaginative game planning. I can't even believe the Rams briefly considered him for their head coaching vacancy. And the fact that he became an automatic finalist was just laughable.

    Jim Thomas: I guess you could say the same, then for Billick, Martz, Gruden, Shanahan, Cowher, Schottenheimer. Bums! All of them!
    Looks like Moloch got a question in.

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    Re: Thomas Chat 2-17

    Come fourth said the King; But David slipped on Lion's **** and came in fifth instead. See Ramwraith I am just as clever as you.

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  4. Jim Thomas Live, Jan 4th
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  5. J. Thomas Live, 12-27
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