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Thread: Thomas: Rams embarrass themselves in Seattle

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    Re: Thomas: Rams embarrass themselves in Seattle

    Rest in peace, Tom Landry.
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    Re: Thomas: Rams embarrass themselves in Seattle

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueTalon View Post
    Yeah, but your example is four penalties in four unsuccessful attempts to run that one play. What happened yesterday was several penalties stacked on top of each other in one play. It surprised me when it happened. I didn't think it was right then, and I still don't. I expect an explanation or an apology from the NFL within a few days.

    This is why I respect you more than any other fan of other teams that come on this board. You don't flame away, and you don't try to make excuses for bad calls going in your team's favor.

    All NFL referee apologists,

    I should have clarified my statement with possesion/post-possesion calls. While it is true that two penalties can be assesed, if one is possession and one is post possesion. I may be wrong on this, but I believe they both have to be on the same team, otherwise they cancel themselves and the play.

    In this case, both assessed penalties were post-possesion, and that is against the NFL rules. This also emphasizes that Triplet and this crew should be relieved of their referee duties. They clearly don't know the rules. The also don't know how to apply the rules equally, and they are known for being a very bad crew.

    All others,

    I do fully agree that the RAMS need to clean this stuff up, as they will be scrutinized by future officiating crews until they do clean up this undesciplined play. Part of the problem is human nature on both sides. It is hard to become desciplined wihtout going through the adversity, and those that are scrutinizing you will push you until you break or overcome. I think the officials need to do a better job of putting their prejudices aside, and call the game like both teams are equal. That so far has been rare, and that also needs to be corrected.


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    Re: Thomas: Rams embarrass themselves in Seattle

    Perhaps having the bad taste of this game in their mouth for the off-season will be a reminder of what needs to be corrected. Bad ending to a season with many positives.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Thomas: Rams embarrass themselves in Seattle

    The whole game looked like the staff made their game plans the night before. Seriously was it a surprise that the Seagulls where going to unleash Lynch? Was it a surprise that the Rams would find it difficult to run the ball off tackle or run the stretch play? So what do the Rams do...nothing about it.

    The Rams have practiced plays from the Pistol Formation--didn't seem much of that used last Sunday. The Rams relied on their TE and had some success, but when your opponent shuts down your running game and deep ball, those mid-to-short range passing doesn't always gain you first downs--even 3rd and shorts might as well been 3rd and long with the absents of a ground game.

    The Seagulls figured it out, isolate your DT and chip your LB and you have a running game. First half the Rams where in the game, but once they started dealing with Quinn affectively and neutralizing C. Long the Seagulls got their running game back. And yet despite the loss, New Orleans showed how to deal with both their running game and running game with a double Safety set. But with the Rams, who have greater depth on "D" could have played a Safety over the top in a floating zone and man up the WR to punish either Lynch or Tate.

    Right now I trust Fisher to draft the talent the Rams need, but don't trust him to be able to make the most of that talent. Fisher would make a better GM then a HC

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