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    Hoggfather Guest

    For those if you who love irony....

    There is an article about Albert Connells improved attitude on the front page of

    Isn't irony beautiful...:-D

    Go Rams!


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    David E Guest
    Hey dude, I work two jobs and I've got three kids. I do what I can to run my site ... unfortunately, in order to support my family, I have to work at night, which is when I used to work on my site. Since I don't get paid for maintaining the Saints site, and I get paid for working at night, which do you think takes priority? My wife stays at home to take care of the kids while I work a day job and do freelance design at night.

    I'm glad you found a whole lot of humor in that. Nice.

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    Hey David...

    Unless I am wrong, I think Hogg saw humor in the article about Connell's new and improved attitude, especially since he just got fired from the team for "alledgedly" (sp) stealing from Deuce's wallet (thought I heard them say that on MNF last night). I really don't think Hogg was making a comment about your site.

    Keep up the good work...

    This space for rent...

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