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    The Monday Night crew are OK

    Madden and co .............. I turn the sound down now.

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    Talking JD!!!!!!

    First of all, have to say hello to my very close friend jdpbmo. We grew up together and we are like brothers. Love ya JD. Ok, now that the crying is over, lets talk football. I love what Martz did. DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE WITH THESE RAMS. This is not college football, this is the NFL. Anytime you can rub the face of anyone in the dirt, do it. Have people forgotten the TKO that Ken Norton, Jr. of the Whiners did on the goalpost at Busch? I haven't, I had a front row seat at the end of the end zone that year. What did the announcers say? "Look at the Whiners knock out the Rams." Screw everyone who won't give us our due; we don't need it. All we need to is win games. I think a majority of this is jealousy. All the Rams did was go 6-0 for 3 years straight, only ONE other team can claim that. With success comes jealousy, and I love being the envy of the whole NFL's eye.

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    Thumbs up From TX to Oregon to Neeu-Oh-leanz...

    You got it TXRamsfan!... Yeaahhh!

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    It seems like the Rams have been treated poorly by the media since I was a kid. Now it seems worse then ever -- We've gone from "finesse" to "classless"? There is only one word for what our opponents are doing: LOSING. I agree with txramsfan -- rub their faces in the dirt. This is the NFL. Stop crying.

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    Cool good to hear from everyone

    :cool: It was great to hear from everyone, especially my bud txramfan. He's a great dude living down in beautiful Austin,TX now. Kill the Aints today. Make them pay. Send Brooks to the showers early. Clamp down on Williams and make Brooks do something. over and out jd

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