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    For those wondering about Vobora ....

    ... he looked really solid to me, considering he was the last player drafted and he was making his first start, pretty much out of position. Maybe I am just too much of an optimist, but he seemed to show more energy that Witherspoon in the middle, and held up at the point of attack significantly better. Now, don't think I am saying he is a better player than Witherspoon, because it is not even close at this point, but Witherspoon looks a bit slow this year and I think he is struggling with injuries, and as we have typically seen in past seasons, Witherspoon seems to wear down as the year goes on because he is undersized ...

    Regardless, I think Vobora can stick on this team. He is listed at 6-1, 236, but he looks alot more stout than Witherspoon, particularly in the lower body. I wonder if he can play the SLB position for us. If anything, he will be a suitable backup at MLB, and certainly has potential to be a good special teams player.

    I was most impressed by his ability to move laterally around the field. He swooped in, seemingly out of nowhere, to stuff Brown for no gain on one running play to the outside. He never really seemed to get lost in traffic, and ALWAYS made contact with an offensive player, which seemed to help free up the other linebackers and DB's to make some tackles in open space. I don't really know what led to the increased defensive performance this week, but we played a solid game against a pretty good offense. I cannot say that Vobora did not play a significant role in that ...

    If anything, this draft class is really looking great, as we know first hand about the potential that Avery and Burton have. Greco looks like his is going to be a good player at guard, King was looking great before the injury, and Chamberlain is a special teams stud already. I like it ....
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    Re: For those wondering about Vobora ....

    That's good to hear about Vobora. I felt early on that he had a great work ethic, like Chris Long had, and the two of them grew close early. After a full offseason of weight training and bulking up I expect to see Vobora around 245 or so, good for a Sam or Mike in a 4-3. If he's as quick as you said, he might even be able to bulk up a bit more and not lose to much if we want to use him as a real run stuffer.

    You heard it hear first...David Vobora... first Mr. Irrelvelent to be named Super Bowl MVP! (And if that does somehow happen... I'll do something crazy... what, I have no idea, but something!)

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    Re: For those wondering about Vobora ....

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsInfiniti View Post
    Greco looks like his is going to be a good player at guard
    I live in NY and don't have access to most of the games, so If somebody could fill me in with Greco as I haven't heard from him at all.
    Can he and Schuening be starters next year?

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