Lets start with the O line.

I was hoping at minimum two linemen would be drafted that had day one starting ability. They got one. The Rams most likely are going to bring Dahl back as a back up and reading Fisher’s end of the year presser. I get the feeling they like the progress of Brandon Washington and believe he’s ready to play if needed. Jones is going to be able to focus on playing center and completing with Wells to start. In the end we may have two starters from last year as backups and that’s progress.

Wide Receiver

I really never thought we would take Watkins but Evans was always a possibility in my mind. But his stock rose and his size not lack of speed is what made him a top 10 pick. Going into the season with this group is somewhat a scary proposition. But these are Les and Fisher guys. They drafted all of them except one including Britt. It really did not make much sense to take a receiver after the first round talent was gone. Looking at all of the talent and depth throughout this roster next year the Rams will be free to address the receiver position IF we don’t see this group produce at least two very productive players.. This group has talent they need to take a huge step forward including Cook and Kendricks.

Running back

Was kind of surprised that we used a third round pick on a Tre Mason with the Safety spot still not filled. But Les said that we would be taking the best players on the board and they felt he was. He takes our RBs group to the next level. Both he and Stacy can grind out yards and find the end zone! Depth is key if one goes down not sure we will have a drop off at all. Not like the days when SJ got hurt and the offense was stalled until his return.


When most teams where going big to copy the Hawks, the Rams went small. Let’s not forget Gregg Williams is a trendsetter not a follower. These are his type of players. Read the pre draft description to describe any of them and you will find the same things being said about all of them. Hard hitter, tough, physical, confident and fearless… Seems like all of them may have some deficiency but they all seem to be playmakers and can get after the QB. We had absolutely no depth in the secondary and now we have a stable of young hard-hitting competitive guys. A few of them feel they should have been drafted higher then they went, which is always a good thing.

D line

I was really excited when Donald was on the board and we took him. I thought before the draft there where three defensive players that one-day could be HOF type guys. Clowney, Mack and Donald. I also thought there was a good chance we’d pass on all three for lack of need. Again glad to see we took the best player over need. I read a great GM say “if you draft for need, you always will be drafting for need.” “When you take the best player then you will build a great team.” Donald will most likely be a situational player on this roster but hey that’s what Aldon Smith did his rookie year, he just came in and made a lot of plays. My hope is Donald can provide a lot of production without playing a lot. Sam pick was another pick that was just staying true to your board BPA.


I fell into the group that thought we would not spend a high draft pick on a back up QB to develop. If Sam’s health is an issue or his play drops off then we can make a clean break and find the next starter next year in FA, draft or through a trade. This year we have what some consider the best vet back up in Hill. Last year Sam had a lot of expectations with the new toys. This year I think he will pick up where he left off.


I like the fact we stood pat, Ray Ray and Bates both made plays on special teams last year. Both can develop behind what we already have. Ray Ray still is intriguing to me; you have to think he will get some reps to get after the QB this year. I think Dunbar plays better but will not get enough reps to put up his first year performance.