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    Thoughts on the Game from a 49er Fan's POV

    -I don't know how you guys do it, because Mike Martz would send me to a mental hospital after one season if I was a Rams fan. The guy is a tremendous play caller (that screen to Manumaleuna was brilliantly conceived, although I'm not sure that going for it was a great idea, but hey, it worked) but his game management is UNBELIEVABLY bad. Although I'm sure this isn't news to you guys.

    -Kevin Curtis is a very, very good 3rd receiver. Between him, Holt, and the ageless Bruce, you guys have one of the top 3 receiving corps in the league.

    -The weaknesses on your team are GLARING weaknesses. The right side of your line is a mess and don't think that other teams won't watch film of the game yesterday and look to exploit that. Your special teams (with the exception of Wilkins) must scare the crap out of you guys on a game to game basis.

    -I don't care how much you guys are down, Stephen Jackson needs to get the ball more. Martz gave up on the run too early.

    -Your defensive tackles played very well against the run. In fact, your whole defense did. There was little to know room for that piece of crap Barlow to operate in.

    -Your passing game is very effective against zone defense.

    -Rattay looked very comfortable back there for most of the game. I know Little had 2 sacks, but if you saw the game you'd know that the middle 40 minutes of that game Rattay's jersey stayed pretty clean.

    -When Bulger feels pressured, his line of site changes from downfield to the oncoming pass rush VERY early. I think 2-3 of those sacks could have been avoided if he kept his eyes downfield and looked for either a receiver or somewhere to throw the ball away.

    You shouldn't be ashamed of yesterdays loss. The ***** are probably not playoff material, but they are much improved from last year, especially defensively. Our best player and LB (Peterson) was injured almost the entire year, as was our best CB (Plummer), our best pass rusher (Carter), our best OL (Newberry), and our starting QB missed about half the season (Rattay). They were all back yesterday and all contributed to the win. From someone who watches the ***** very faithfully, trust me that you didn't lose to an atrocious team. I personally think the Rams are going to go 9-7 and win the division.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Game from a 49er Fan's POV

    Thanks for an unusually sober response from the "dark side."

    While most of your observations were things we have already known and have been griping about (in some cases, for YEARS), they were spot on.

    If LA got a new team (e.g. Saints) would you change allegiances? And what in blue blazes inspired you to become a ***** fan? (Said in the same tone that a father might use with his 22 year old daughter upon finding out that she is paying for her college education by lap dancing at night.)

    There is help, I'm sure LA has an "Al-a-Niner" branch.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Game from a 49er Fan's POV

    For all you niner fans that have decided to show your face here since Sunday.......LA9erFan has given you an excellent example of how to visit another team's board without being disrespectful.

    Study his example and learn from it.

    P.S. Great post, LA9erFan.


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