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    Thoughts from a Ram Fan serving in Iraq

    A pretty cool and inspiring story of a die hard Rams fan I copied from an article by Peter King of SI. Full story here:

    I think there is a God, and he is watching over Mike McGuire, our staff sergeant from St. Louis serving in Iraq and piloting a platoon charged with finding and disarming Improvised Explosive Devices. His most recent e-mail to me the other day: "I am not a real religious man, but someone is looking out for me. We found an IED the other day and began to block off the area so it could be blown up in place when all of the sudden we began to take small arms fire (AK-47), which is not a big deal. That does not affect me, and we've taken a lot of it, but what did hit home was when the AIF (anti-Iraq forces) began to throw indirect fire (mortars) at us. They came raining down on us just like in the movies. The first round went right by my shoulder. It was so close I felt the breeze as it went by me and hit the ground. The blast blew me forward and luckily caused no serious damage to me or my guys. One of my squad leaders with me, Staff Sgt. Fraser, did take shrapnel to the head but his helmet saved him and he ONLY got a class-three concussion. I don't know what class three is, but he was so out of it after it hit him that he could not walk. I have never experienced anything like that. We also got ambushed by 10 or 15 insurgents firing at us. We did get some kills and a number of enemy captures. I like when we capture them. They look so terrified. Anyway all the guys are fine and show a lot of courage. This week we captured six insurgents and killed at least one and I think more, and brought in two vehicles that were used as mobile mortar teams against us. And we found a total of six IEDs. It was a great week but a crazy one. I know my platoon has been very lucky and they take it well with the close calls and all. I have three guys in my platoon now who have been put in for the Purple Heart. Anyway, onto the fun stuff. How about Kurt Warner???? 300 yards, three touchdowns, what a game! I was out on a 12-hour mission and stayed up until 3 a.m. here to watch it. And the Rams beat Denver (OH YES!) and Steven Jackson rushed for 100-plus yards. We don't lose when we rush for 100 a game. And Jim Haslett is going to change the Rams -- should be fun to watch. Well this week was enjoyable for work and football. Take care, Mike.'' Anyone else have goose bumps?

    Great story about the harsh life of the military personnel over in Iraq and around the world, and an obviously dedicated Rams fan. If you ever think you had it rough finding a way to watch the game, just think about this guy.

    Sgt. McGuire you and the rest of our soldiers are in our prayers.

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    Re: Thoughts from a Ram Fan serving in Iraq

    Sgt. McGuire you and the rest of our soldiers are in our prayers.
    Amen to that.
    I remember listening to a few Ram games over the radio, inside a NAVY E-2 on the deck of the Midway during Dessert Storm, but never had to experience incoming fire.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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