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    Thoughts on WR's

    Hello Rams fans!
    First of all I would like to say that I am a Buccaneers fan, however, The Rams and Bengals are the only other teams I care about
    Second, I was wondering what a true Ram fans view on your receiving core is?
    I'm personally a big fan of Avery, however he seems to be prone to injury, and past him there's Amendola who seems more suited towards the slot IMO, and then Alexander and Gilyard correct (If I'm wrong please let me know)? So anyways I was wondering what kind of priority you would say WR is for your team? and also between Alexander and Gilyard who would say will most likely have a lasting impact for the Rams?

    In advance I would like to say thank you to any one who takes the time to answer my question and also would like to wish your team luck next year, or the one after that, depending on the dang CBA!

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    Re: Thoughts on WR's

    Welcome Demell,

    To answer your question, I think a general consensus is that the Rams WR's are #1 away from being pretty good. Assuming the Rams can resign Mark Clayton (who had several good games with Bradford before getting hurt). Avery will get a shot next year, and he looked good in the preseason before getting hurt. Amendola really broke out as a top slot receiver this year, and our corp was so bad this year teams started to double team him. Brandon Gibson is ahead of Gilyard on the depth chart, and will probably start next season as the 4/5 WR with Denario Alexander. Alexander has a world of talent but terrible knee's (5 surgeries already).

    So next year it will probably be
    1. New receiver
    2. Mark Clayton
    3. Danny Amendola
    4. Donny Avery
    5. Denario Alexander

    So unless they carry 6 receivers, Gilyard will be on the practice squad or another team. Assuming the Rams sign a top FA/draft to bump everyone down a slot.

    But its easy to see why they were so bad this year if you take away #'s 1, 2, 4, and 5. Then it starts to get ugly. Hope that answers your question.

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    Re: Thoughts on WR's

    I think Atlanta Rams Fan nailed it on the head, we are definitely in search of a new wide receiver. Many hope it will come via free agency instead of the draft, especially with Justin Blackmon returning to school. I hope the Rams target big names such as Sidney Rice or Vincent Jackson, assuming they hit the open market of course.

    From my point of view it is not looking too good for Mardy Gilyard. He would be a good slot guy I think, only problem is we have a great slot guy in Amendola. Look for Danny to get Wes Welker like numbers under McDaniels.

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    Re: Thoughts on WR's

    i say put mardy on the squad.. but as special teams for now.. and if DX is out couple games due to his knee we can put him there .. man our receiving core could look nice if they stay healthy!

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