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    Re: Three Big Ifs and a bold prediction

    Quote Originally Posted by Rams-B-Wagon View Post
    I agree with all those 3 "BIG IF'S...we are going to have a top 5 offense next year..probably the best offense in the NFC hands down. Drew Bennett and RAndy McMichael are gonna help us in the RED ZONE...Steven Jackson is gonna lead the NFC in rushing this season because of our 3 WR sets getting so much respect and attention. If we land Kris Jenkins that will instantly make us Superbowl Contenders...with that Jenkins addition we should go after Patrick Willis at LB if he is still available at #13..if not I think we should take a reach and snatch up Reggie Nelson from FS to help Corey Chavious. Otogowe is a decent tackler but he is not a cover safety or a playmaker. Nelson would give us that dynamic playmaker that we so desperately need. Overall our 2007-2008 season is looking very positive. Hopefully we can score some red zone TD's this year and not settle for 3 after these 10 plus play drives..that **** drove me crazy last year. We let at least 4 games go down the drain just off that fact alone. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome to the mob, RBW...

    You make some interesting points, and i can see the validity. However, Nelson's stock has dropped significantly, to the point whereby Michael Griffin could be taken beforehand, and I'm al little suspicious as to why.

    Willis is a great prospect, don't get me wrong, but I think it might be more beneficial to target a DE at pick 13 if we get Jenkins. If Carriker, Anderson, Adams, and for sure Okoye are all gone, then Willis could be a great pick. We'd have to target the DL in the next round, though, IMO.

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    Re: Three Big Ifs and a bold prediction

    I tend to agree with tx on this one;we certainly have the offense in place to make a serious run. However we need to stop the run and lets face it Kennedy hasn't done it before so why should we expect him to do it now? Glover is ok as a situational player,he is not an every down guy at this stage of his carreer IMO. We all hope Wroten will step up this year but who knows. Drafting a rookie like Okoye or Branch could be good in the long term but for next season they aren't going to be a difference maker,but Jenkins could be. He is a proven commodity and if we got him to anchor the line,to let the LB's get to the ball,we could go far.But I feel we need to upgrade with a proven player(Jenkins) if we are serious about winning next year..

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