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    Three FA's to visit Rams today

    Three New FA's to Visit Rams

    This could be big....Terrence Wilkins or Joe Jerovicious. I think we could use Shawn Barber, even though our cap is tight, any thoughts?


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    Barber is now an eagle. I just think we need some depth at LB. We seem to be lacking bodies there.

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    I still want to see the Rams replace Hakim from within the team or through the draft. It just wouldn't seem right having an outsider () come in.


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    sprtsmac Guest
    Understandable on not wanting an outsider to come in; we definetly don't want to mess up the team chemistry. However I do see one problem with the number 3 coming from within. The 3rd receiver is a big deal in our offense and I don't think anybody within will concern defenses. Az had his problems, but he did cause a concern for defenses. Right now I don't see anybody that we have doing that. Now if I am wrong, please let me know. Who knows; I might have missed someone.

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    Okay Ricky and Yo don't have the pace of Az but both are sure handed receivers who can find the space in a zone. The main problem is that we don't have Proehl signed plus neither of them are spring chickens But we shouldn't worry about the long term , just put together a winning team for this season


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    sprtsmac Guest
    That's why we need to sign Ricky, for now. But I also think we need to get someone in that is young for the future(well after next year anyways). I like Yo, but I'm not completely sold on him being a number 3 in our offense. A number 3 for us is like a number 2 for other teams. Like I said, I like Yo and like having him around. Hopefully he can prove me wrong if the need arrives.

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    FPWJR Guest

    Ricky Proehl

    Does anyone know what's really going on with Mr. Proehl? He's such a natural Ram, knows the system, has the respect of the players and coaches. Could it really be about a couple of hundred thousand dollars when the league foots most of the bill for veterans? Hard facts appreciated.

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    28rulz Guest
    I think Yo could be good in Hakims spot, but I personally don't care who they get or from where as long as he appreciates the rams and plays WITH the Team. Youngblood can be good as long as its not too ****y.

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    will Guest
    Ricky is a New York native. His family worships the Giants. While he likes it in St. Louis, he already has his Super Bowl ring. He probably wants to finish out his career closer to his family. It seems like its going to have to take some extremely sweet talking to keep him here.

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    ILRamfan Guest
    I hope that Ricky Proehl is re-signed. It's a shame he can't get a million a year, he seems like such a positive influence on the team. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Yo Murphy on the field. He's as fast as Hakim, and doesn't have fumblitis. There's just not very many quality receivers out there this year, aside from the Rams' own corp.

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