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Posted by MoRam
Last night the Rams held practice on the stadium field. It was nice to be high enough to see the movement everywhere on the field. The practice opened fairly slowly with the usual drills. No pads or hitting. There were several drills to watch. The QBs threw to the receiver corp. The linemen pushed on each other some. The DBs ran coverage drills. Usual stuff.
After about 20 minutes of drills, they ran walkthroughs. Nothing too exciting.

Then the teams began to run some plays. You could feel the competitiveness of these guys build not long after this began. It was not supposed to be this intense, but as the plays passed these guys began to compete with each other.

The receivers looked excellent. In past camps we had so many of the receivers with injuries that you had four or five people to run all the plays. This year I haven't seen any of the recivers gimpy. Bruce and Holt are performing at their usual level and Looker is improved from last year, but everyone is healthy so you have Mcdonald, Curtis, Furry and Coleman to run routes also. Most everyone has been catching balls you would expect caught, but there have been some drops and aa few circus catches by Looker and Curtis. All are up to speed. Looker caught a fairly long throw over the middle that was very well thrown at about 40 yards. It was a good split on the zone by Looker and a well thrown ball by Bulger. A little hope maybe? Chandler has found people nd thrown well. I feel the ball is back there too long, so we will have to see what develops as far as pressure.

DB must not be well. Fisher and Butler sat all day and didn't do much of anything. Cody was in his usual spot by the trainer. I wish we could find a DB that was full sized. We appear to have very small people at the position across the board.

The d-line is bigger this year. Lewis and Pickett seemed active in the middle, but this was a scrum, so who knows where we sit until the hitting starts. Kennedy seems to be in a little better shape this year, but I will wait to see something before I add him to the plus column. I didn't see anything to be high or low about so far. There may be a couple of surprises out of camp. Flowers and Hargrove seem agile and quick, but no one is knocking heads yet.

On the TE front, Manumaleuna seems to have lost a little bulk. Mike Brake is getting some reps there as well as Nick Burly. Brake is in a position to block well most of the plays. If he can blockup to snuff, he will help. He finds his man and gets there almost every play.

O line is thin. Pace will take a few weeks to adjust again this year after the season starts, so I hope King and Randall develop. I don't see the experience of past years.
Jackson needs a map still. Once again last night he was on the wrong side for a play. He seems the real deal as far as cuts and speed. If the O-line can get him loose, he looks like he is elusive and could put the hurt on you if you catch him. A small knee wrap on the left knee last night.
I need to get ready for the afternoon practice. More later.


Posted by Old Hacker

That's what I'm seeing this year, real intense work on the practice field, the team seems serios, more so then I've observed in the past.

Bulger is taking control, last night Jackson lined up in the wrong spot and Bulger went over and moved him, last year he'd never had done that, BTW, he threw a long pass up the middle to Looker that was as good a long pass as I've ever seen.

No pads so can't say much about "O" or "D" line play, they'll go up against Chicago at 3PM, we should be able to tell more then, I still like King, but after my St Clair indorcement, a few years ago, I'll wait.

We are loaded with WR's and RB's, we lack OL & Fb's & TE. although Manu looks sleaker and appears to know his assignments.

Smoker has a rifle, most are more impress with Chandler then I am, he throws some nice passes, but he'll never get that kinda time.

The speed of Timmerman and McCollum in the 100yd walk is something to behold, the Snowman doing some announceing at the stadium pointed this out to the crowd.

Beer is still cold in Macomb, but I've starting to take a liking to Michelob Light.

The last couple of years, Martz would cut practice short on ocassion, but I never saw a practice go over the scheduled time.

Both practices I observed this year are longer then the alloted time.

The team is flying, no dragging, but the weather is perfect, cool and little humitity.

Sorry guys no spell check, just sound it out.

Old Hacker

"Go Rams !!!!!!!!!!"


Posted by Bucky

With Jack Snow in the booth, Howard Balzer on the sidelines, and a beautiful evening in the low 60's under the lights at the Stadium, everything was perfect for a good workout.

It was Martz Mania. The rules are so slanted toward the offense that it's ridiculous. No tackling, no ending the play when the QB trapped and little mugging of the receivers. Since Little and Aeneas played sparingly, Fisher, Butler and Hargrove not at all, the offense must have put up 99 points. Not sure what it all means.

Democracy ended this night. Till now everybody was getting a chance to play but Martz started limiting opportunity today. Some guys like TE Brake, the linemen on both sides and the d backs had a lot of chances to show what they have. However, guys like Smoker, Michna, McGrorty, and all the receivers beyond Coleman must see that the writing is on the wall.

For over an hour Martz ran a play almost every thirty seconds. Bulger was at the top of his game, beautiful sideline shots, quick dumpoffs and even a couple of long passes. Really got the ball off well with no hesitation. He played with all the formations, from two TE to 4 WR's plus the RB going into the pattern. Accurate and composed.

Marshall opened the practice with a run that had people oohing. He continued to show well, no indication of any knee problems. Gordon seemed fine. Jackson had a bandage around his right knee, Harris on his left but they played and showed well. Jackson was even used with the punt team as a blocker, then tackler.

The receivers are just great to watch in this type of action. Torry and Ike are the best but Curtis, Looker, Furrey and McDonald each had a nice showing and seem to guarantee that the Rams will have the receivers this team needs for this offense even if one or two get nicked. I don't think I've seen Looker drop one ball since I've been here. McDonald concluded the festivities with a diving catch into the end zone in the two minute drill.

Tyoka got a lot of work at LDE. Lewis, Pickett, Kennedy and Howard got the bulk of the work at DT. Holsey was in the warm ups but I don't think he played.

They were using Pisa and Justin Smith as their nickel LB's. Polley and Thomas didn't get much play and Faulk hardly played at all. Loyd and Newsome continued at 2nd string OLB.

Garrett and Groce saw a lot of action.