Usually we think of players as either being good or bad, but let me propose something a little different in light of what's going on with the Rams. There are players who show up and do their part, those who are decent players but a bad fit for whatever reason, and those who aren't really competing.

The first group consists of those players who are trying hard, living up to their potential, and generally "aren't a problem"; maybe they're stars, maybe they just do their part.

The second group consists of players who have talent and may even be trying hard, but just can't contribute because of reasons beyond their control. Some of these reasons may be injuries, a bad fit for the schemes, poor use by the coaching staff, or even just bad chemistry.

The third group are those players who can't get it done. Here there are two subgroups. Type A, otherwise known as we can call it the Dominque Byrd Player Type (DBPT) has the talent, but cannot get it done on the field because of their attitude, their effort, or their perpetual boneheadedness. Type B, otherwise known as Brian Leonard Player Type (BLPT), just can't get it done because they're not good enough. Maybe they're not bad guys and they have some skills, but they aren't really NFL caliber players.

Some examples of what I'm talking about:
Group #1 -- Ron Bartel, Donnie Avery
Group #2 -- Orlando Pace, Will Witherspoon
Group #3, Type A -- Richie Incognito
Group #3, Type B -- Jason Craft

Now in addition to needing more players in Group 1 then the other two groups, I think its imperative that your most talented players be in Group #1 for your team to be competitive. So let me ask you these questions:

1. Where do you place the Rams most highly paid players in this scheme? Bulger, Jackson, Pace, Holt, etc. Be honest.

2. Do we have too many players in Group #2 (which is mainly a coaching problem) or in Group #3 (which is mainly a management problem)? Which players are you talking about?

Sorry, but the professor in me came out while thinking about how crummy the Rams are. Still...maybe this will be worth talking about. Or not.