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    Thursday Afternoon--Wagoner

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    - I just want to take a quick moment to wish a safe and happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Enjoy the games, too. Dallas against Denver should be a heck of a game. Both teams are really balanced and it should make for some great afternoon entertainment.

    - The Rams are banged up right now. There are some big names on the injury report and it's going to be tough to play without them. But this team has been in this position before and responded. The true test will be how do they respond without so many important pieces when the games don't have as much meaning as they did before. Last time the goal was to get to .500 in time for the bye week. Now, the goal is to miraculously save the season.

    - That said, the Rams have actually looked pretty good in practice these past two days. The energy seems to be there, but clearly that has to carry over to the game.

    - It's hard to imagine a scenario where Steven Jackson doesn't get plenty of touches against Houston's bottom feeding run defense. Maybe the Texans will load up the box like Arizona, but they already play a 3-4, so it would be hard for them to adjust to run something similar to the Cardinals. Arizona did run some three-man fronts, but Houston is the first team the Rams have faced since San Francisco that runs it consistently.

    - The secondary is a mess right now. The depth is thinning out and it appears Chris Johnson and Ron Bartell will be the starters at cornerback. Johnson and Bartell are two of the most physically gifted corners on the team, but they also are the least polished. It will be absolutely imperative for the Rams to get a good pass rush against David Carr or it could be a serious up and down day for the Rams' young corners.

    - Houston is doing a lot of things to protect Carr these days, including more three-step drops and quick release passes. That means a more aggressive, press coverage would seem to make sense, particularly if the Rams want to blitz. Throwing Houston's big, physical receivers off at the line would go a long way toward making some big plays defensively and limiting what Carr can do.

    - Blaine Saipaia and Adam Archuleta are a little groggy, but seem to be recovering well from the concussions they suffered. That's the good news. The bad news is neither will be able to play this week.

    - After Johnson and Bartell, the Rams have just Corey Ivy and Terry Fair as backups. Joe Vitt said Thursday that the Rams would be developing some alternate plans to help out in the secondary should more injuries occur in the game.

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    Re: Thursday Afternoon--Wagoner

    i take it from this that groce is out for sure this week. anyone have further details. bartell against andre johnson after dealing with fitz/boldin last week. excellent for the kid, get the experience he is going to be a key guy next year.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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