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    general counsel Guest

    Tickets have been purchased....

    I bought my tickets last night and i cant wait for saturday night! We will do whatever we can to defend the honor of the squad and cheer the rams on to victory, despite the hostile and probably drunken environment. I know that every single person on the board will be with us in spirit!

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    RammieGirl Guest

    Re: Tickets have been purchased....

    WoW GC, that is awesome!!!! I'm totally envious. I'm sure you'll represent the ClanRam familia well!!! Enjoy the game and have a safe trip!!!! GOOOO RAMSSSSSSSSS!!! :ramlogo: :ramlogo:

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    Re: Tickets have been purchased....


    Have a great time and be careful! I remember that raucus crowd during the 2003 SEC championship game!

    There was some great seats at affordable prices on E-bay. But wifey-pooh intervened and reminded me that we are going skiing at Mammoth Mountain during Mardi Gras!

    I could be in real trouble since I paid for the tickets to LAX and one never knows that we could squeak in to Jax beach. We may be leaving earlier to Mammoth as it is the same day as the SB :upset:

    GO RAMS!
    Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!

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    Re: Tickets have been purchased....

    OK good job.

    Now things not to do before the game.

    Do NOT have a cook out with steak and shrimp.

    Do NOT invite and stray Scotsmen to your home.

    Do NOT promise a win

    DO enjoy the game

    Do be assured that the rest of the ClanRam will have your back, watching the game in their homes

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    general counsel Guest

    Re: Tickets have been purchased....

    Dez, certain minor variations will occur in the pregame routine, but most importantly, my three year old will be at home watching with my friend, rather than sitting in the front row behind the bench with me causing havoc on my in game experience (as much as i love her to death) and adversely affecting my ability to focus on the game and use the whammy when needed to help the rams and jinx the falcons. Spencyr will have her uniform on and go through her own in game routine, but it will be in the house, rather than in the dome.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    Re: Tickets have been purchased....

    GC -

    Ramming speed to you -- enjoy the Game.

    My cruise to buy tickets crashed upon the rocks of a soccer tournament in South Carolina. I have reserved a TV set for the game - however.

    Have fun...jeering on the dirty birds and cheering on the Rams to victory.

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    Hoggfather Guest

    Re: Tickets have been purchased....

    I will be joining the Rams faithful in Atlanta...anyone gonna be out the night before the game ?



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