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    Time to get RAM ready!

    What are we doing?
    So close to training camp, and all news concerning the Saint Louis Rams gives the eerie feeling like being in a ghost town.

    For a #1 pick Sam Bradford is staying quietly behind the scenes.
    Sam needs to name his price, $50 mil seems to be a good price and the going rate for the 1st draft pick QB. Demoff should have this deal done by now!
    Don't be surprise if Condit orders his client to Holdout. Its starting look what thats coming down to.

    How long will it take to get a Quality offensive line?

    Much of he blame has been thrown on their laps as the cause of the Rams offensive woes. Maybe the lack of quality performance from the skill positions deserves much more of the blame.

    The scapegoat Alex Barron, traded to the Cowboys this offseason, wouldn't shock anyone if he's selected to the Pro Bowl in Big D this season.

    This is the year we find out if Jason Smith is a sure bet or sure Bust.
    One must say he was a little overwhelmed in his rookie season.

    Welcome additions to the line: Hank Fraley, Jason Brown, Rodger Saffold

    Old standbys like Mark Setterstrom, Adam Goldberg, John Greco should now be considered seasoned veterans and act accordingly.

    The O Line can only protect, They need a good Quarteback that can make the offense go.

    That was the problem bottom line in the case of Marc Bulger, he lost his Oline's respect. They no longer would go to through the wall for him, but alot of it has to do with the loss of HC Mike Martz, Bulger know relizes how valuable the ol' "Mad Scientist" was to the early part of his career.

    Matter of Fact!, a Bust of Martz needs to be erected in front of the TWA ~ TRANS WORLD ~ EDWARD JONES DOME for Bringing the realization to Saint Louis that a woeful Team throughout the 1990's could have the audacity to content for the World Title.

    Why not have that Realization now?
    No Doubt HC Steve Spagnuolo will be feeling the heat if a continuation of his disappointiing rookie season persists. He alone should be pushing to get the SAM signing done.....Surely he can't be serious that A.J.'s his guy!

    The one constant: Steven Jackson.
    The reason bringing in Terrell Owens make much sense, in that he can take alot of pressure of SJ, who is the main focus by opposing defenses. T.O. poses another threat, freeing up Jackson to be even more of a dominate ball carrier.

    Sorry to say, but the Rams receiving corp right now, strikes no fear and poses no threat to the rest of the NFL. Let T.O. come in and be sure to give him the ball!!

    AS for the Rams Defensive side of the ball: This is suppose to be Spags bread & butter. Last years performance can best be descibed by this years movie "Despicable Me". In 2010 Spags may still have his work cut out for him.
    It would be unfortunate and ironic if the Defense becomes his downfall.

    That's it! In a Nut shell, Now is the season, Now is the Time, TO GET......

    RAM READY!!!
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