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    Time To Get The Tight Ends More Involved?

    Could we see things open up for the tight ends against Seattle? The offense has been progressing nicely the last few weeks and making the tight ends more a factor could be an added dimension that the Seahawks may not be planning for. Both Klopf and Walker have shown the ablity to make big catches and incorporating something else for the opposition's defense to worry about could really open things up and help in the red zone.

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    Re: Time To Get The Tight Ends More Involved?

    Agree!! I would like to see Bulger look more for Klop. I have said in the past, once you see the TE catching 4 or 5 balls a game....that is when everyone will get it on big O.

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    Re: Time To Get The Tight Ends More Involved?

    It is time to see how Linehan uses them. It is far enough into the season for them to have practiced enough plays on how to use them. I think that it is especially important in the red zone. Time to open things up and use more of the playbook...


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    Re: Time To Get The Tight Ends More Involved?

    I couldn't agree more. More TE receptions and less plays to the fullbacks. I like Smith and Hedgecock ok as blockers, but the guys are as slow as a snail with no moves. With a backs as big as Jackson and Davis these plays designed for our fullbacks are just plain silly. They aren't fooling anyone, so why waste a play with them? Especially when there are so many talented ball handlers on out offense getting next to nothing.

    We have ignored our talented TEs for too long this season and getting them involved needs to be a priority ASAP. If nothing else, when they run routes they take a LB out of the rest of the defensive action.

    I guess the good news is our offense is doing decent now so can you imagine how good we'll be when we utilize all of our weapons properly?


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