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    The time is now for Curtis

    I feel we are wasting a talent by playing Curtis in the slot. I feel he needs to start, if not here somewhere else. He could have a huge impact as a big play receiver if given the chance to start all year. i know how you feela bout bruce but thats just me

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    Re: The time is now for Curtis

    I don't think there's any question that Curtis can be a very good #2 receiver at this point in his career. I'm sure he will have a very significant role in the offense next year, but I also think that, if healthy, Bruce can still be very productive. I see it as Torry Holt being the #1 WR and Bruce/Curtis being 2A and 2B.

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    Re: The time is now for Curtis

    I still want Bruce in there, he still got some gas in the tanks and I love the line up of Holt, Bruce and Curtis!!

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    Re: The time is now for Curtis

    I say use all 3 like the good old days. Trips were awesome with hakim and Curtis is just as fast.

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    Re: The time is now for Curtis

    I dont think that curtis has shown the durability to be a week in week out #2. he certainly has the talent and the speed, but he has been hurt off and on since he arrived on the scene and remember he is 27, not 24. I think he is a long way from issac bruce.

    it really is a question of cap money. if bruce will stay for a reasonable cap #, curtis as a #3 is a dominant weapon. If bruce wants too much cash and leaves and curtis is #2, time will tell if he is durable enough to live up to his talent. I will say this, i think mcdonald is a #4 not a #3 in this offense.

    If you want isaac bruce to stay and be a #3 i dont see how we can afford to do it because many many other teams can use him as a #2 and he is better than plenty of #1s. tell me who on the eagles or falcons is better than rev ike right now. He will probably take less than open market to stay, but if the spread is too great, i cant blame him and if we are paying as a #3 and someone else is paying as a 1/2, we are most likely going to lose him.

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    Re: The time is now for Curtis

    A Long Way To Be Isaac Bruce, A Really Long Way


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