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    Time of year

    Here we are at the time of year where there is really not a lot to talk about except ! ! What Will the Rams look like next year , This is to some a very exciting time , Here are several items I feel that stand out let others and myself know what you think...

    1. NEW COACH: With the hiring of Scott Linehan from the Dolphins, the Rams get a proven offensive minded coach, which should guarantee that even with an emphasis on defense in the upcoming year the main focus of this team should remain Bulger to Holt and bruce. Linehan has hired an excellent supporting staff that you would think wouldn’t be able to be any worse that the others that were coaching they replaced, so things are definitely looking up.

    2. DAUNTE CULPEPPER: Reports have Culpepper being courted mainly by the Raiders, but the RAMS have also been mentioned as a possible home for the high profile QB next year. Which brings to mind one question…WHY??!?!?!?!? I admit that Bulger’s injured shoulder is of concern and should be, but why bring in a QB like Culpepper when Fitzpatrick is waiting in the wings? If the Rams want a good backup...

    3. PRO BOWL: If it hadn’t been for three quarterbacks who couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean, Holt may have been a factor. Between Hasselbeck’s obvious desire to ignore Torry, Vick’s career inability to throw, and Delhomme’s love for his own receiver, Holt got punked big time. As for Orlando Pace, he was pretty much a non factor too, except when Kyle Vanden Bosch treated him like a rented mule on a few plays. But getting back to Hasselbeck, This guy is a jerk! Not only did he ignore Holt in the game, he dissed him from the sidelines. In an interview with Susie Kolber during the game, he was asked what it was like to pass to the likes of Torry, Chad Johnson, and Steve Smith. He said that it was great, “especially with Chad and Steve. They’re fast, big, and really know how to play this game.” What an idiot... especially when torry in most poeples minds has better hand and proved it on the day before... Hopefully that will spark the Rams next they meet...

    Attachment 736 Attachment 737 Attachment 738:tongue:

    4. MARTZ TO LIONS: With the hiring of mad Mike by the new Lions coach Rod Marinelli, the transformation for one of best coach in the league is complete. “That man knows how to win and how to move the football," Marinelli said. "I like him and I would love to have him." Well, he got him after Mike held out for top dollar. Just a few reminders on what the Rams lost by letting Martz go: In each of his full seasons in St. Louis, the Martz-designed offense ranked among the top 10 in the NFL and twice rated No. 1 overall, in 2000 and 2001. Not counting the 11 games he missed last season, during which Joe Vitt served as interim head coach, Martz compiled a 56-36 record with the Rams. He led us to four playoff appearances, two division titles and a Super Bowl XXXVI berth... But still feel it was the best thing at the time to do...

    5. THE DRAFT: All the new young players that could make the difference to many teams now and in the future , the combine rating of the players , The team are running crazy right about now getting things together and all that goes with this time of year ... For the coaches and staff this could be called one of the most busiest time of the year for them...

    8. FREE AGENCY: I think this will be huge for us as long as we go after the right needs that we have , We in the past have not had a lot of luck in this area , Hope its better this year...their will be some players out their if the cap does not kill us...

    7. FOUR THINGS YOU MAY NOT HAVE KNOW ABOUT THE RAMS and SUPER BOWLS: 1) SB 9 – Vikings vs. Steelers: Fred Dryer and Lance Rentzel were recruited by the late great Dick Schapp to be undercover reporters for the game. They showed up dressed as reporters from the 1920’s, with Dryer being “Cubby O’Switzer” and Rentzel as “Scoops Branigan.” Pete Rozelle didn’t even recognize them, telling them “Get your interviews done and let’s call it a day.” 2) SB 14 – Steelers vs. Rams: The TD play to Stallworth that eventually won the game for the Steelers was called the “60 Prevent Slot Hook and Go.” It had NEVER worked in practice, and had even been called earlier in the game by coach Knoll but Bradshaw changed it. What a time bad for it to work, eh? 3) SB 34 – Titans vs. Rams: This was the team’s first trophy, but was owner Georgia Frontiere’s second Super Bowl trophy. This is because her husband, the late Carroll Rosenbloom, won SB 5 with the Colts. When he essentially traded franchises for the Rams, he made off with the SB 5 trophy! Carroll died in 1979 after drowning while swimming off the Florida coast, and Georgia inherited that trophy, although she has never commented as to whether or not she still has it. 4) SB 36 – Patriots (and Refs) vs. Rams: Although security was the tightest it had ever been for a Super Bowl, it didn’t stop the infamous “World’s Greatest Game Crasher,” Deion Rich, from getting into the stadium. That made it 35 out of 36. (SB 3 he was skiing, with a bogus lift ticket, I’m sure.) He is also famous for FAKING his way into the Kentucky Derby and the Academy awards...
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