As thankful I am of the Rams home and the Rams fans in St. Louis I am conversly discusted by the ball less, sackless columnist and reporters that slither their way into the PD offices looking for anything they can write about which keeps them from having to do any real work. Yes tabloid bile.

Am I the only one not in sync? Why am I always the one on the flip side of the coin? Is it really cool and funny for Post Dispatch reporters to be taking pot shots at Martz and the Rams? Here we have an injury depleted not very talented football team trying to stay afloat and now the PD brain trust feel like it’s a good time to take pot shots at them. Obviously right in step with their sub-human ways of not sacking up when it really counts. Its safe now to take these pot shots because we know the Rams are not a very good team and Ergo Martz is not as good as many believed. Why the hell these guys get paid to write the obvious is a mystery to me and I for one would like to see if the PD has enough sack to hire a reporter that can look past one Sunday’s performance for their opinion. So here’s to Bernie, Jeff, and Bryan. Way to hit a team when they are down, when a coach is looking under every stone, in dark alleys and in rat infested slums for anything any place to find an anchor point where he can begin rebuilding his teams confidence from. So continue to write your tabloid bile tearing it down as fast or faster then it can be prepared. But hey it sells papers doesn’t it?