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    Timmerman biding his time after 'overhaul'

    By Terry Hersom Journal sports editor

    Maybe you just thought Adam Timmerman had led a charmed life during all these years in the National Football League.

    Even with all the injuries involved in playing a violent game at its highest level, you simply figured the veteran offensive lineman from Cherokee had been one of the lucky ones.

    That kind of thinking is precisely what leads to the loose talk about professional athletes being prima donnas. It's also what leads some coaches to push players beyond their limits, assuming they simply can't deal with pain when in fact they have an injury that requires time to mend.

    Former NBA star Charles Barkley was once inclined to think like that, too. Then, he watched a teammate disregard a doctor's orders and pay the price when a relatively minor problem turned into career-ending damage.

    In his autobiography, at any rate, Barkley offered plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the truth as he'd come to see it: If a professional athlete can possibly perform, their pride and competitive instinct will compel them to do so.

    Here's Timmerman, a 6-4, 310-pound guard for the St. Louis Rams, who began his career with the Green Bay Packers. Ever since appearing in 13 games as a non-starting rookie for Green Bay in 1995, the former South Dakota State star has started all but one game over the last nine seasons, the last six with St. Louis.

    That's 143 starts in 144 possible games, which doesn't include a perfect 20-for-20 in playoff games. Four of those post-season appearances were Super Bowls, of course, and two of them earned him NFL championship rings.

    It doesn't matter what position you play in the NFL, your body is going to absorb punishment. And, when you're in the middle of the mayhem, like Timmerman, that's even more of a given.

    So, it turns out, the big guy from Northwest Iowa is no different than anyone else. After a decade of pro football, he spent much of this past off-season undergoing what Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch calls "a 100,000-mile overhaul.''

    Since a playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons last Jan. 15, Timmerman has dealt in one way or another with rather serious problems in both shoulders, his right foot and his left knee.

    On Feb. 1, he underwent surgery to patch up a stress fracture in his foot. On Feb. 18, he had surgery to remove calcium deposits from both shoulders. As for the knee, a torn cartilage, he consulted with doctors and then opted for rehab.

    This will explain, by the way, why Timmerman has not appeared in the Rams' first two pre-season games. John Matsko, the Rams' offensive line coach, told the Post-Dispatch the two-time Pro Bowler will "be ready for five more years with all the repairs he got.'' However, the Rams are taking things cautiously with a player who has earned more than $3 million a year each of the last four seasons.

    Timmerman, who turned 34 on Aug. 14, at first thought he'd play the first two quarters of Sunday's game at San Diego. He's hoping now to get back on the field for one of two remaining exhibition contests -- either next Monday at Detroit or else a Friday, Sept. 2 home game with Kansas City.

    Meanwhile, Siouxland continues to enjoy a healthy contingent of favorite sons in the NFL

    Sioux City still has Matt Chatham with the New England Patriots and Justin Sandy with the Tennessee Titans. Also, Zeron Flemister has hooked on with the Oakland Raiders after sitting out last season.

    Chatham, the North High grad who has won three Super Bowl rings with New England, figured in three tackles in the Patriots' 37-27 loss last Thursday to New Orleans. The Patriots led 27-16 in that game and, of course, pre-season contests bear little resemblance to the real thing.

    Sandy, the former Iowa Class 4A player of the year at East, was activated for one game at safety by the Titans last year. However, when that game was over, it was discovered he had fractured his left foot. Tennessee still lists him as injured and he hasn't played in the team's first two exhibitions.

    On the other hand, playing and playing very well for the Titans thus far is defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch, the former West Lyon star who spent four seasons with the Arizona Cardinals. Like Vanden Bosch, former West Lyon and Arizona Cardinals teammate Le Var Woods has changed teams, too, and is likely to stick with the Chicago Bears as a backup linebacker.

    Flemister, the West grad who played four seasons with the Washington Redskins, was picked up last summer by the Patriots and was making a favorable impression in training camp when he suffered an Achilles tendon injury that wiped out his season. Now, he and Randy Moss are newcomers to the Raiders. And, although Zeron won't be matching paychecks with Moss, it looks like he'll be the team's third tight end behind Courtney Anderson and Teyo Johnson.

    Hartington, Neb., native Russ Hochstein is listed first on New England's depth chart at left offensive guard, but he didn't start the last exhibition game. Either way, he's likely to be retained for a third season by football's best team.

    Likewise, two linebackers with Vermillion, S.D., ties are still going strong in the NFL. Vermillion native Ben Leber, who starred at Kansas State, is entering his fourth season as a starter for San Diego. And, former South O'Brien prep Josh Stamer, one of Chatham's former teammates at the University of South Dakota, is working toward a third season with the Buffalo Bills.

    Another former USD star, running back Jamel White, has been picked up by the Detroit Lions after four years with the Cleveland Browns and one with the Baltimore Ravens. He didn't appear in the Lions last pre-season game, however.

    And, if I've overlooked someone, that only goes to show how much success athletes from our area are enjoying these days.

    Sioux City Journal sports editor Terry Hersom can be reached at (712) 293-4214 or by e-mail at

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    Re: Timmerman biding his time after 'overhaul'

    Timmerman is a true mainstay in any OL but I'm just glad he's on our side, hopefully for the rest of his career.
    He salvages the strength and worth of the Rams offensive line, knows the system well. He and McCollum and Pace can help rookie Claude Terrell assert his place as the new G on the left side.

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    Re: Timmerman biding his time after 'overhaul'

    Ya Timmerman is awesome!

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    Re: Timmerman biding his time after 'overhaul'

    He is our generations version of tom mack.

    general counsel

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    Re: Timmerman biding his time after 'overhaul'

    I Believe Timmerman Will Someday Be Considered An All Time Great Ram


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