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    Timmerman Hopes for Monday Night Return

    Friday, August 26, 2005

    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    It can be difficult to get continuity on the offensive line when new players are brought in. But when one familiar face is spending his days rotating in and out of the rotation, it’s even more difficult.

    Of course, it’s become really tough when the man missing is right guard Adam Timmerman. The same Adam Timmerman that has been the Rams’ personal Ironman for the past 162 games.

    After a plethora of offseason surgeries to fix and repair his shoulders and his right foot, Timmerman has missed out on pretty much any preseason practice or drill that involves contact.

    But Timmerman is slowly working his way back toward full health and has been put on a strict practice schedule in preparation for Monday night’s game against Detroit.

    “We’ll alternate days with Adam until he gets into the point where the next day it (his foot) is not as sore,” coach Mike Martz said. “It’s not as sore today as it was last time so we’ll just keeping working him into it and eventually he’ll be back. Hopefully, this is over in a week or 10 days.”

    The sooner the better for Timmerman, who hates the idea of not being on the field and has played through a variety of injuries during his impressive games played streak. He even played with bad shoulders, knees and feet at the end of last year.

    Timmerman originally looked like he would get his first preseason action against San Diego last week, but the coaching staff didn’t think it was a good idea after seeing tape of Timmerman from practice.

    “They pretty much said ‘We saw you on film, we don’t think you’re at a point you need to be to play right now’ and I kind of argued a little bit,” Timmerman said. “They were kind of like ‘Plan on getting ready for Detroit.’ That’s kind of the plan of attack we are taking right now.”

    So, for the better part of the past week, Timmerman has practiced at full speed for one day then taken the next day slowly before returning to practice the next day. Then the idea is to give Timmerman a pair of days off before a game. If, for example, he were to play against the Lions, Timmerman would stop practicing on Sunday.

    That appears to be the plan this week after Timmerman worked full-speed Wednesday and had a lighter day Thursday.

    “We’ll go ahead with that, and see how that works,” Timmerman said. “Hopefully, with that program I can go Monday night too. We are going to make sure we don’t do anything Sunday prior to the game. Hopefully that will give me the rest I need to be ready.”

    If, for some reason Timmerman can’t go, he said he might have to start worrying about whether he will be ready for the season-opener Sept. 11 against San Francisco. That is not something Timmerman would be happy about after participating in 100 percent of the offensive plays a season ago.

    “We are definitely running out of time to be messing with it too much,” Timmerman said. “Right now we are going to try this plan of one day on, one day off and kind of see where that puts us as far as recovery time.”

    HAPPY HOLT BROS: When the Rams arrive in Detroit this weekend, receiver Torry Holt will get a chance to line up opposite his brother. Terrence Holt, who is entering his third season, has claimed the starting free safety job for the Lions.

    That will allow the Holt brother to truly play against each other for the first time in a long time. But instead of a lot of smack talk between the two, there are some warm and fuzzy feelings being exchanged in traditional Holt fashion.

    “I’m excited for him,” Torry Holt said. “When I watch him on film I always get a little choked up, a little teared up just seeing him as a little youth running around and now he’s a professional athlete and I have an opportunity to go against him. It just brings a lot of joy, a lot of smiles to my face.

    “I am just honored to be his brother and just to see what he went through, the patience that he has shown there in Detroit to continue to work hard and earn that spot as a starting free safety – nobody gave him anything, he earned that spot – so I am excited. It’s going to be fun going up there, visiting him and then going out there on the football field and putting it on the line.”

    Terrence Holt made 27 tackles in a reserve role last year after a rookie season in which he had three interceptions and 28 tackles. Now, Holt has taken over the starting role and that puts him in a position to go up against his brother.

    Torry Holt concedes that it will be nothing but good feelings between he and his brother this week, but once the game starts, he isn’t making any promises.

    “Thus far, it’s been a lot of praise to each other,” Torry Holt said. “As the week shortens, I’m sure things will heat up…Once we get out there on the field, I’m sure we’ll beef it up a little bit.”

    GREEN WITH ENVY: It might not mean much or it might be an indication to defensive end Anthony Hargrove to start making some plays in games, but Brandon Green took repetitions with the starting defensive line for the second day in a row Thursday.

    Green has been impressive in preseason action, with a pair of sacks and a few other quarterback pressures. Martz said Green has been one of the team’s most intriguing players.

    “I think that Brandon Green is someone who has surprised all of us,” Martz said. “I think that’s a very pleasant surprise.”

    INJURY UPDATE: Tight end Roland Williams and linebacker Louis Ayeni sat out Thursday’s workout and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett was limited.

    Guard Tom Nütten also missed the practice because of the flu. Offensive tackle Grant Williams got reacclimated to a full practice Thursday afternoon.

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    Re: Timmerman Hopes for Monday Night Return

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith
    Friday, August 26, 2005
    GREEN WITH ENVY: It might not mean much or it might be an indication to defensive end Anthony Hargrove to start making some plays in games, but Brandon Green took repetitions with the starting defensive line for the second day in a row Thursday.
    I do think some people have bought into Hargrove too much. I think he needs to prove himself in the games. If he does not Green might because he definitely has the heart of a champion.

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Timmerman Hopes for Monday Night Return

    The Hargrove thing can't really hurt. If green plays good, then we have more options. But either way, Hargrove has to sit and watch him start which could help his motivation when he gets another chance, likely the following week.

    As for Holt's bro.... he's a Free Safety! Can we borrow him??????


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