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    Re: Timmerman, Rams Fan 16 and my problem with the release

    Quote Originally Posted by RAM-BO View Post
    I'm glad I wasn't here to see GC when Bruce was cut.
    GC wasn't the only one who was flipping out

    That time was uhhh...not good for CR lol

    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Timmerman, Rams Fan 16 and my problem with the release

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman View Post
    If this IS the answer to the question, then folks we are in for not only a sucky year next year, but all those thereafter. Who, in their right mind sacrifices the business-like old school wisdom for the street what about me garbage exhibited by so many flame outs. If this IS the answer, then the NFL will turn into the NBA and MLB, and I will no longer be a fan.

    I don't understand the moves the front office has been making since they forced Vermeil to retire after the Super Bowl. I'm not impressed what has happened so far this year and I don't see any hope that things are going to get better. Broken record time....the old topless Vegas Chorus girl has to go. Sell this team PLEASE and get a new organization in here that will restore it to its previous glory. The success Georgia enjoyed with the miracle of Warner and company was pure luck. The stars just happened to align just right. What did they do with a successful product. Dribbled it away. Completely mismanaged a team that could have had years of success like the Patriots.
    I'm sad.

    Wise commentary Red. The INMATES appear to be running the ASYLUM. The day the old bag hits the road will be the greatest day in the history of the franchise.
    "You people point your 'f'in' finger and say theres the bad guy....what that make you....good?" Tony Montana

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    Re: Timmerman, Rams Fan 16 and my problem with the release

    I'm not going to side with the doom & gloom crowd quite yet. At 145 years old, how much of an influence does the Dear old gramma Frontiere really have anyway ??? I mean come on folks, she's in Cali or Arizona 99% of the time and probably only get's updates via telephone.
    I'm of the opinion that things are turning around for this franchise that it has been in a downhill spiral, and is turning in a new positive direction since the departure of Sir Mike.
    Linehan has been here one year so far, and really has no loyalty to anyone at this point. Making decisions with your head and not your heart is usually the wiser choice even if it stings a bit at first. At some point in every players career comes a time when they are on the downhill side of thier career and must be replaced. When that is, who will replace them, and is that replacement already in the system and ready to step right in is all huge if's. Some work out, some don't, but you've got to stand behind a decision like the AT situation and go with it. AT'd time has past based on the success of the running game in the last three games. Holes were opening up like times of old for Mr. Jackson and the offense was cruising along very nicely. AT was not in those games, the young guns were. What is Linehan suppose to take from watching film of those games with the new blood on the line ?? Setterstrom, Congnito, Romsberg, Barron were moving the pile with consistency. Marc had time to throw & Jackson was gainng decent yards on the ground. I'm guessing this is what he envisioned going into his new gig with the Rams, but didn't happen in large part do to O-line troubles. And this is with a defense that was giving up huge chunks of real estate, and the offense having to play catch up.
    We were becoming an old team on offense, that wasn't moving the ball as well is we could have been. That changed in the last three games in large part do to the influx of young talent on the line I believe. Let this thing play out, trust Linehan to mold the team in his image. The glass is half full not half empty. We're like 22 million UNDER the cap, with free agency starting tomorrow and the draft coming right up. That is not a bad situation to be in I don't think. It could be worse.....a lot worse

    Maineram - :l

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    Re: Timmerman, Rams Fan 16 and my problem with the release

    Oh...I agree maineram...if they are getting rid of him because he is on the down slide of his career AND there are suitable replacements in the works through FA, then I agree with your optimism. However, I was doom and glooming over what HUBison theorized that it was AT who didn't fit in with the younger bucks and THAT was the trigger for his release. As for the old Grandma Georgia....I would like to see her sell the team just for the reason you claim she has no clue as to what's going on. I would love to have an owner that's into the team and understands what his front office and coaches are trying to accomplish. I would like to see a change in the front office frankly. You look at their tenure, and its all over the place depending who they've hired as head coach and what we receive in player talent.

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    Re: Timmerman, Rams Fan 16 and my problem with the release

    Hmm, just learned of this news today -- the release of Timmerman.

    I wish he could have stayed this season to help keep our OL in shape. He's a leader. But I understand ... I understand.

    Thank you Adam, for your hard work and skills as a Ram guard!

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