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    Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    By Jim Thomas
    Thursday, Nov. 09 2006

    Playing with one arm was impossible, even for gritty linebacker Pisa
    Tinoisamoa. But playing with 1 1/2 arms? Apparently, he can handle that. Or at
    least he's willing to try.

    With the defense sagging, and Tinoisamoa's broken left hand feeling better, he
    plans to be back in the Rams' starting lineup Sunday in Seattle.

    Although still listed as questionable, Tinoisamoa took his regular turn with
    the starters in practice Wednesday, the first time that has happened since he
    suffered the hand injury in practice Nov. 1.

    "He seemed like his old self out there. So that's good news, I think, at this
    point," coach Scott Linehan said.

    Tinoisamoa did not play against San Diego and Kansas City, but he dressed for
    both games. He was already playing with a dislocated left shoulder, and the
    added burden of the broken hand made it impossible. He only watched as the
    Rams' defense was shredded for 61 points and 402 yards rushing in losses to the
    Chargers and Chiefs.

    "Watching us lose and getting beat up like we did, I didn't like it,"
    Tinoisamoa said. "Because I kind of felt like maybe I could have done
    something. If we're going to get beat up as a defense, I want to get beat up
    with them."

    Make no mistake, having the defense stumble against LaDainian Tomlinson and
    Larry Johnson in successive weeks wasn't a pleasant experience for Tinoisamoa
    or his teammates.

    Anger? Embarrassment? Try all of that and more, Tinoisamoa said.

    "When it's bad, it's bad," he said. "It hurts, but the only way you can make it
    right is by stopping those guys. Stop the back, and then you just try to create
    some momentum for yourself. ... We've just got to get better."

    The fact that Tinoisamoa's hand is better has him back in the lineup. It's
    uncertain whether he can be effective against the Seahawks, and whether the
    hand and elbow can hold up for an entire game remains to be seen.

    The swelling and bruising are gone in the hand, and the pain has subsided. But
    the break hasn't totally healed, and there's the possibility Tinoisamoa will
    aggravate the injury.

    "Chances are I might, but I don't care," he said. "I just want to play."

    Having Tinoisamoa back in the lineup won't be a cure-all for what ails the
    Rams' run defense, but it will help.

    "First of all, the guy's going to be involved in two-thirds of the runs,
    whether he's making the tackle, assisting the tackle, or forcing the tackle,"
    Linehan said. "But from the other standpoint, he's communicating a lot of the
    things we're having problems with as far as alignments and calls."

    Tinoisamoa and Will Witherspoon have those responsibilities among Rams

    "I can tell you that after (Wednesday's) practice I saw a big difference in our
    defense and how they were reacting, responding, and getting lined up with Pisa
    out there," Linehan said. "We've missed his presence in these last two games."

    Tinoisamoa is an emotional player on game day, but he manages to have a calming
    affect on Witherspoon and many of the other Rams defenders.

    "I think that's the Hawaii 'hang loose' mentality," Tinoisamoa said, smiling.
    "I don't panic, and I think that's where I help a little bit."

    Tinoisamoa, who has been starting since his rookie year in 2003, also is more
    familiar with the NFC West clubs than some of his newer teammates. For example,
    he's familiar with the kind of shifting the Seahawks do on offense and how to
    respond to it.

    So he will help get the Rams lined up correctly Sunday at Qwest Field, but can
    he shed blockers and make tackles?

    The hand has healed to the point where he won't have to play with a bulky cast.
    While wearing that cast, Tinoisamoa had his index finger and middle finger
    bound together.

    "My bottom (two) fingers were loose, and my thumb was kind of on its own," he
    said. "It was real ugly. It looked like a Ninja Turtle-type hand."

    Tackling in that cast would have been possible, Tinoisamoa said, because you're
    supposed to wrap up anyway. But using his hands to take on blockers was almost

    Against Seattle, Tinoisamoa will have padding around the hand but no cast. It's
    a more natural feel, which should allow him to play effectively. At least
    that's the theory.

    "Hopefully, I won't be grabbing jerseys," he said. "I'll be in better position
    where I don't have to just hold on for my life."

    The elbow injury may not completely heal until after the season. Tinoisamoa
    suffered the injury in the San Francisco game in Week 2 but kept playing, first
    with a brace and then just taped up. Even now, he doesn't have full range of
    motion with the elbow, and it stiffens up when he's on the field. But the two
    weeks off did help.

    "I'm happy that I'm back, and I'm able to play in this game," he said. "That
    time my body got to just hang out and heal was very beneficial. Now I'm kind of

    Which in turn could help rejuvenate the Rams' defense.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    this is great news, in my opinion he's the leader of that defense and needs to be in there,i think he will come back and make some big plays this weekend.

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    Re: Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    Quote Originally Posted by jkramsfan View Post
    this is great news, in my opinion he's the leader of that defense and needs to be in there,i think he will come back and make some big plays this weekend.
    This is exactly what we needed to hear. Just in time for the biggest game of the year. :r

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    Re: Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    "Chances are I might, but I don't care," he said. "I just want to play."
    I don't think you would hear that from too many pros today. Today is all about "I just want to get paid".

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    Re: Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    I love this guy. Can't wait to see him back on the field.

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    Re: Tinoisamoa will play against the Seahawks

    I think Will has missed this guy lining up next to him... great to have him back!

    "The breakfast Club"


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