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    Tips for Packers vs Rams game!

    Hi Clan

    A friend of mine is going to Louisville in some weeks on a work related trip. And as he is a Packers fan (yea I know, and I really try to convince him that the Ram way is the best way but with no luck so fare). He want's to take the drive to St Louis to see Packers vs Rams.

    A few questions what seats should he try to get if he want good seats for a resonable price?

    Is there any tailgating going on and will he be able to walk around there in his Rodgers nr 12 shirt without being kicked out

    And lastly as my friend (and I) love good BBQ, what is the best BBQ joints in St. Louis and Louisville?

    I hate that he gets to go to the US and see the Rams, but at least I have the Wembley game to look forward too.... And I hope we will beat GB that would ensure me the braking rights for the rest of the year

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    Re: Tips for Packers vs Rams game!

    A few replies:
    Tickets for the GB game, no matter what section they're in are selling for primo prices as you can imagine. However, tickets are available.
    Your friend won't have any trouble walking around the stadium from tailgaters or anyone else for that matter. Yesterday, some moron was standing at the loo in the Dome, fueld by lots of alcohol, giving his fellow 'relievers' wearing Skins jerseys lots of trouble. I told him to shut his pie hole and since I was wearing a Rams jersey he did it. St. Louis fans in general are passionate but not knuckle draggers as they are in some other cities (e.g. S.F., Seattle, N.Y.).
    Best BBQ in St. Louis, and one of the best in the U.S. (featured on Food Channel's Best in the U.S. Program) is Pappy's Bar-B-Que in mid-town in the heart of the St. Louis University campus (it's an urban campus so has lots of other venues surrounding and even in it). If he's a day or so early make sure he goes to Pappy's before late afternoon because they'll have run out of some items.
    Any other questions just PM me.
    TorontoRam (native of St. Louis)

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