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    Tomorrows game will define season??

    is it safe to say it will define the season? either 1-3, probably wont make playoffs, or 2-2, get things back on track and send those pricks to 1-3? I hate to put so mmuch pressure on 1 game but I think it might be the case

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    Re: Tomorrows game will define season??

    teams look at the season in 4 game intervals. While 1-3 isn't wont define the season but its a body of work that tells you whats needed. In the same way..if SF wins the game, it doesn't mean theyre on the right track either LOL. They've scored 10 points in 2 games. They straight suck and yet man to man might be better than the Rams for one game...but the Rams had their number last year when SF was at full strength. Maybe that's a good sign for tomorrow but one day of practice in a short week opens a lot of confusing prediction doors's that for not really saying anything

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