What did you like best about the OTAs?
They got bigger, stronger, faster, more athletic. For all position that needed to be, they accomplished that. You got to see Sam Bradford throw to some explosive weapons. Guys that can stick their foot in the ground and change direction with a lot of burst and athleticism. I can't wait for July 25th when TC starts. That's gonna be fun for me.

On Matt Giordano
He came out of Cal. Good size, SB Champion (w/Colts). Played the last year with the Raiders. He can come in and help right away as depth - an emergency starter - and special teams ace right off the bat.

What positions do you think Les Snead is eyeing for next year?
Probably OT, not knowing what's gonna happen with Saffold, and secondary. Looking to improve at the safety position, and outside linebacker as well. I think it's gonna be more of a offensive line, or a defensive type draft, and there are a couple of big boys coming into that draft that could solidify one of those first round picks.

On bringing in vet linebackers.
They need depth. The rookies have nice size and athleticism, but they're young guys. The need some veteran help. Guys who can come in and fill in in a backup role, help out in emergency situations, and be core guys on special teams. Ogletree is gonna start, but they need depth behind him. Ray Ray is gonna be close, but I don't know if he's gonna be ready to start this year.

Did you see enough on the RBs that you're comfortable?
I think they're comfortable with the group they have. They'll do it by committee. I like what I see out of Isaiah Pead - they're saying his issues are behind him. Richardson kind of picked up where he left off last year. I'd like to see more of Ganaway and Stacy. Two of the more hammer-type backs. That's what I wanna see during preseason and that scrimmage on August 3rd.

On Brian Quick
There's a reason why he ended up in App State. I don't think he was ready for Div 1 football. This is the top of the iceberg with Quick. Just the tip (lol). The best is yet to come and we see flashes of it in practice. I just hope he gets to open up full throttle during the season.

No fullback?
What we saw last year is that Fisher likes to use a TE in those situations. Look for Lance to fill that void. A blocker, that wham guy. Also McNeil. I like him as a receiver, but he proved he can do both when given the opportunity. But I think Zach Potter is gonna be the more in-line guy to free those two up. For me, if you can find a true FB that's great, but the bottom line is, it's a dying breed in the NFL. They play maybe 8-12 snaps a game, so they try to find a position that can do both, and i think they're doing that with the TE/FB position.