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    Re: Tony Softli: Rams need All Three

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    Now you know why Softli is not managing the Rams' cap.

    If the Rams lose this week, but win their final two, they win the division, as they'd (at worst) win the head-to-head tiebreaker with Seattle, and the Niners could finish no better than 7-9.

    Its not that complicated, Tony.
    True, but wouldn't it be nice to win all 3 anyway. Plus it would shut some of the "OMG a team without a winning record is getting a home playoff game!" crowd up.

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    Re: Tony Softli: Rams need All Three

    Quote Originally Posted by gap View Post
    You all know I think the NFL hates St Louis, and will do whatever is in their control (without being blatantly obvious to the masses) to keep a team in that town from being a winner, so take this for what it's worth. I also believe they have a love affair with the 9ers, and give them all the help they can without making it obvious to the average fan.

    I agree that the RAMS will have to win out because the league will do everything in its power to boost the 9ers to 8-8. If the league is successful, the RAMS will loose to the Cheifs and 9ers, and the last game won't matter due to the tie breaker for the 9ers.

    What's the three way tie breaker if we all three end with 7-9.
    9ers would be 2-0 against us (league gives them the DIV games, but not SD), but 1-1 against the Hawks.
    We would be 1-1 against the hawks (lucky to win the Cheifs, but the league will give the DIV games to the Hawks and 9ers) and 0-2 against the 9ers

    Looks like the league gives it to the 9ers as they will be given a 5-1 DIV record.

    If the 9ers can find a way to beat SD on their turf (read a lot of bad officiating), I believe the league will make sure they end with an 8-8 record. This locks the RAMS out due to tie breaker.

    And after (IF) we finish this division 9-7, these "so-called" experts better have a video on the NFL website eating this.

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    Re: Tony Softli: Rams need All Three

    Softli get's alot of flack but what alot of you guys dont realise is the JayZ and retard Linehan kept his hands tied alot of the time when he was there with the organization. They wouldn't even let him into the draft room those years which is pretty standard protocol with his given position on draft day. I enjoy listening to him on 101espn, good articles and posts.

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