I'm going to try something new here. This will be a (maybe weekly) top 10 list of the "buzzworthy Rams" - the Ram players or coaches about whom fans are talking.

Here's my post Preseason Game 1 Edition:

10. Isaac Bruce
With a couple of quick catches in the first quarter, Bruce served notice that he's healthy and far from done. Don't be surprised if he's back to his old 1,000 yard form this year.

9. Jim Haslett
Didn't take long for him to show the aggressive style of defense he's known form. This ain't your Marmie's defense.

8. Steven Jackson
Minor injuries and somewhat undiplomatic statements have made him a criticism magnet, but two big runs may serve to quiet the critics for a week.

7. Tye Hill
All first round picks perform under a microscope. Hill had a fairly decent debut.

6. O.J. Atogwe
His blown coverage was the key mistake that allowed Peyton Manning to get off to a great start. I wonder if Ron Bartell might get a chance to start before the end of the preseason.

5. Tony Fisher
His performance certainly gave an indication as to why the Rams haven't acquired another RB.

4. Fizpatrick/Ragone
After Round 1 - advantage Harvard.

3. Fakhir Brown
He looked confident and aggressive. I'd be shocked if he's not a starter on opening day.

2. Richie Incognito
From what I saw last night, he's got a pretty good lock on the starting LG position.

1. Wroten/Adeyanju
These two rookies were the standout players of the first game. While its only one preseason game, this week, they will get the buzz!