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    Top 10 nfl arrests, suggestions please...

    In keeping with the top 10 theme, can we list the top 10 nfl arrests. Lets confine this to guys arrested while they were active nfl players, thereby eliminating OJ etal.

    Henley (rams)
    cecil the deisel (dolphins)
    Falcons safety, i forget the name, the night before the superbowl
    ray lewis
    jamaal lewis
    lance rentzel (exposing himself to the 14 year old girl)
    dominic frontierre (georgias husband, ticket scalping sb 14)
    Nate Newton, possession of 400 pounds of weed, which he alleged was for personal use
    ray carruth-murder, currently in jail

    help me out guys with others, i know that there have been many

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Top 10 nfl arrests, suggestions please...

    The Falcons player was Eugene Robinson, even funnier is that he recieved the NFL Humanitarian Award a few days before.

    Michael Irvin on more than one occasion. (Professional Models my A##)

    Mark Chmura (How old is she?)

    James Lofton (see above)

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